Joe Sabino

Reeks (alfabetisch) Functie(s)   
100th Anniversary Special: Fantastic Four Lettering
100th Anniversary Special: Guardians of the Galaxy Lettering
A Year of Marvels Lettering
A+X Lettering
A-Force Presents Lettering
Age of Heroes Lettering
Age of X-Man: Prisoner X Lettering
Age of X: Universe Lettering
Agent Carter: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary Lettering
All-New All-Different Marvel Point One Lettering
All-New Captain America Lettering
All-New Hawkeye Lettering
All-New Inhumans Lettering
All-New X-Men/Indestructible Hulk/Superior Spider-Man Lettering
Alpha: Big Time Lettering
The Amazing Spider-Man Lettering
Amazing Spider-Man/Inhuman/Captain America: Inhuman Error Lettering
Analog Lettering
Ant-Man: Season One Lettering
Avengers vs. Pet Avengers Lettering
Avengers World Lettering
The Avengers Lettering
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Lettering
AXIS: Carnage Lettering
AXIS: Carnage & Hobgoblin Lettering
Battle Scars Lettering
Black Knight (Marvel) Lettering
Black Panther Lettering
Cable Lettering
Cable and X-Force Lettering
Cable: Reloaded Lettering
Captain America Lettering
Captain America & The Korvac Saga Lettering
Captain America and Iron Man Lettering
Captain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus Lettering
Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers Lettering
Captain America: Hail Hydra Lettering
Captain America: Man Out of Time Lettering
Carnage Lettering
Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand Lettering
Cataclysm: Ultimate X-Men Lettering
Civil War Lettering
Civil War II: Gods of War Lettering
Civil War II: X-Men Lettering
Contest of Champions Lettering
Daken vs. X-23 Lettering
Daredevil Lettering
Daredevil by Mark Waid Lettering
Dark Reign: Young Avengers Lettering
Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three - Bitter Medicine Lettering
Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three - House of Cards Lettering
Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three - Lady of Shadows Lettering
Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three - The Prisoner Lettering
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - Evil Ground Lettering
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - Last Shots Lettering
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - Sheemie's Tale Lettering
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - So Fell Lord Perth Lettering
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Battle of Tull Lettering
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Man in Black Lettering
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Way Station Lettering
Dawn of X Lettering
Dead Eyes Lettering
Dead Inside Lettering
Dead Rabbit Lettering
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Lettering
Deadpool Lettering
Deadpool & Cable: Split Second Lettering
Deadpool & the Mercs For Money Lettering
Deadpool by Daniel Way: Complete Collection Lettering
Deadpool by Joe Kelly Lettering
Deadpool Classic Lettering
Deadpool Corps Lettering
Deadpool Kills Deadpool Lettering
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Lettering
Deadpool Killustrated Lettering
Deadpool Minibus Lettering
Deadpool Team-up Lettering
Deadpool vs. Carnage Lettering
Deadpool vs. Thanos Lettering
Deadpool vs. X-Force Lettering
Deadpool's Art of War Lettering
Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars Lettering
Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet Lettering
Deadpool: Flashbacks Lettering
Deadpool: Last Days of Magic Lettering
Deadpool: Masacre Lettering
Deadpool: The Gauntlet Lettering
Deadpool: The Ones with Deadpool Lettering
Death of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America Lettering
Death of Wolverine: The Complete Collection Lettering
Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program Lettering
Death of X Lettering
Deathlok Lettering
Excalibur (Marvel) Lettering
Extermination (Marvel) Lettering
Fallen Angels Lettering
Fantomex Max Lettering
Fear Itself: The Worthy Lettering
Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force Lettering
Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force/The Deep Lettering
Fear Itself: Wolverine Lettering
Fear Itself: Wolverine/New Mutants Lettering
Free Comic Book Day 2015 (Avengers) Lettering
Future Imperfect Lettering
Hercules (Marvel) Lettering
Hercules: Fall of An Avenger Lettering
Hit-Monkey Lettering
Hulk by Jeph Loeb Lettering
Hulk: Season One Lettering
Hulked Out Heroes Lettering
Hunt for Wolverine Lettering
Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda Lettering
Hunt for Wolverine: Claws of a Killer Lettering
Hunt For Wolverine: Dead Ends Lettering
Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor Lettering
Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost Lettering
The Incredible Hulk Lettering
Incredible Hulks: World War Hulks Lettering
Inferno (Marvel) Lettering
Infinity Lettering
The Infinity Entity Lettering
Infinity: Heist/The Hunt Lettering
Infinity: The Hunt Lettering
Inhuman (Marvel) Lettering
Iron Man/Thor Lettering
Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Lettering
Journey Into Mystery by Kieron Gillen: The Complete Collection Lettering
Juggernaut Lettering
Lego Avengers (Free Comic Book Day) Lettering
Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers: Unleashed Lettering
Loki (Marvel) Lettering
Marvel 100th Anniversary Lettering
Marvel Knights X-Men Lettering
Marvel Noir: Spider-Man/Punisher Lettering
Marvel Now! Omnibus Lettering
Marvel Now! Point One Lettering
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Lettering
Marvel Zombies Destroy! Lettering
Marvel Zombies: The Complete Collection Lettering
Marvel's Iron Man 3 Prelude Lettering
The Mighty Thor Lettering
The Mighty Thor/Journey Into Mystery: Everything Burns Lettering
Mrs. Deadpool and The Howling Commandos Lettering
New Avengers: Luke Cage Lettering
Night of the Living Deadpool Lettering
Nightcrawler Lettering
Nomad: Girl Without a World Lettering
Operation S.I.N. Lettering
Original Sin Lettering
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Lettering
Peter Parker Lettering
Point One Lettering
Powers Lettering
Psylocke Lettering
Punisher Noir Lettering
The Punisher Lettering
Redneck Lettering
Reign of X Lettering
Return of the Living Deadpool Lettering
Return of Wolverine Lettering
Rumble Lettering
Runaways Lettering
S.W.O.R.D. Lettering
Scarlet (Icon) Lettering
Secret Wars: Agents of Atlas Lettering
Secret Wars: Battleworld Lettering
Secret Wars: Journal/Battleworld Lettering
Sense & Sensibility Lettering
Sif Lettering
Silver Surfer Lettering
Skybound X Lettering
The Spectacular Spider-Man Lettering
Spider-Island: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Lettering
Spider-Man/Deadpool Lettering
The Stand: The Night Has Come Lettering
Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (Marvel) Lettering
Star Wars: Halcyon Legacy Lettering
Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order - Dark Temple Lettering
Star Wars: The High Republic - Trail of Shadows Lettering
Star-Lord and Kitty Pride Lettering
Storm (Marvel) Lettering
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up Lettering
Thor Lettering
Thor Giant-Size Finale Lettering
Thor: Crown of Fools Lettering
Thor: First Thunder Lettering
Thor: God of Thunder Lettering
Thor: The Dark World Prelude Lettering
Thor: The Rage Of Thor Lettering
Thors Lettering
Thunderbolts Lettering
Thunderbolts: From the Marvel Vault Lettering
The Totally Awesome Hulk Lettering
Trials of X Lettering
True Believers: Thor Lettering
Ultimate Armor Wars Lettering
Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates Lettering
Ultimate Comics: Divided We Fall, United We Stand Lettering
Ultimate Comics: X-Men Lettering
Ultimate FF Lettering
Ultimate Spider-Man (Ultimate Comics) Lettering
The Ultimates Lettering
The Uncanny Inhumans Lettering
Uncanny X-Force Lettering
Venomverse Lettering
The War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men Lettering
The War of the Realms: War Scrolls Lettering
Weapons of Mutant Destruction Lettering
What If? Age of Ultron Lettering
What If? Spider-Man Lettering, Editor
Wolverine Lettering
Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha & Omega Lettering
Wolverine: Black, White & Blood Lettering
Wolverine: In the Flesh Lettering
World War Hulks Lettering
World War Hulks: Captain America vs. Wolverine Lettering
X of Swords Lettering
X-Factor Lettering
X-Force Lettering
X-Men '92: House of XCII Lettering
X-Men Gold Lettering
X-Men: Hellbound Lettering
X-Men: Hope Lettering
X-Men: Legacy Lettering
X-Men: Second Coming Lettering
X-Men: Summers and Winter Lettering
X-Men: The Exterminated Lettering
X-Termination Lettering
X-Treme X-Men Lettering
Young Allies Lettering