Josh Reed

Reeks Functie(s)
Action Comics Lettering
All New Executive Assistant: Iris Lettering
American Vampire Anthology Lettering
Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two Lettering
Batman: Universe Lettering
Batman: Urban Legends Lettering
Broken Pieces Lettering, Editor
Charismagic Lettering, Editor
Charismagic Starring Sparkles Lettering, Editor
Charismagic: Death Princess Lettering, Editor
Damsels In Excess Lettering
Detective Comics Lettering
Event Leviathan Lettering
Executive Assistant Iris Lettering, Editor
Executive Assistant: Assassins Lettering, Editor
Executive Assistant: The Hit List Agenda Lettering
Fathom Lettering
Harley Quinn and her Gang of Harleys Lettering
Haunted City Lettering, Editor
Hex Wives Lettering
Idolized Lettering, Editor
Justice League Lettering
Lady Mechanika Lettering
Mindfield Lettering, Editor
Pearl Lettering
Savage Things Lettering
Scarlet (Jinxworld) Lettering
The Scourge Kleuren, Lettering, Editor
Soulfire Lettering, Editor
Superman Lettering
Superman Red and Blue Lettering
Superman: The Man of Steel By Brian Michael Bendis Lettering
Superman: Villains Lettering