Tula Lotay

Reeks Functie(s)
2000 AD - 2019 Cover
2000 AD Sci-Fi Special Cover
All Star Batman Tekeningen, Inkting, Kleuren, Cover
All-Star Batman - Rebirth (Lion) Tekeningen, Inkting, Kleuren
The Amazing Spider-Man Cover
American Vampire Tekeningen, Inkting
American Vampire (Panini/Urban) Tekeningen, Inkting
American Vampire 1976 Tekeningen, Inkting, Kleuren, Cover
American Vampire Anthology Tekeningen, Inkting
Basketful of Heads Cover
Black Canary Cover
Black Magick Cover
Black Widow Cover
Blackbird (Bartel) Cover
Bodies Tekeningen
Briggs Land Cover
Codename Baboushka Cover
Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins III Cover
Crossover (Image) Cover
Curb Stomp Cover
Dead Eyes Cover
Death or Glory Cover
Dejah Thoris Cover
The Department of Truth Cover
Divinity Cover
Elephantmen Tekeningen, Kleuren, Cover
Everafter Cover
Fairest: In All the Land Tekeningen, Inkting
Fairlady Cover
Faith (Valiant) Cover
Faithless Cover
Fire Power Cover
Gideon Falls Cover
Grass Kings Cover
Han Solo Cover
The Hellblazer (DC Comics) Cover
Hex Wives Cover
Home Sick Pilots Cover
Ice Cream Man Cover
Intersect Cover
James Bond (Splitter) Cover
James Bond: Moneypenny Cover
Jem and the Holograms Cover
Joyride Cover
Legends of Red Sonja Tekeningen
M.O.M. Mother of Madness Cover
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom) Cover
Mirka Andolfo's Sweet Paprika Cover
Miss Fury (Dynamite Entertainment) Cover
Newburn Cover
Olivia Twist Cover
Pearl Cover
Penny Dreadful Cover
Project Superpowers: BlackCross Cover
The Quantum Age Cover
Rebels Cover
Rebels (Urban Comics) Cover
Red Sonja (Dynamite Entertainment) Cover
A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance Cover
Scarlet Witch Tekeningen, Inkting, Kleuren
The Scumbag Cover
Seven to Eternity Cover
SFSX Cover
Shadecraft Cover
The Silver Coin Cover
Slash & Burn Cover
Southern Cross Cover
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Cover
Stranger Things: Science Camp Cover
Supreme Blue Rose Tekeningen, Inkting, Kleuren, Cover
Swords of Sorrow Cover
Tank Girl: World War Tank Girl Cover
The Terminator: Sector War Cover
Tomb Raider (Dark Horse) Cover
Tommy Gun Wizards Cover
Undiscovered Country Cover
Vampirella (Dynamite) Cover
The Vision Cover
The Walking Dead Deluxe Cover
Wayward Cover
The Wicked + The Divine (Glenat) Tekeningen, Inkting, Kleuren
The Wicked + The Divine Tekeningen, Inkting, Kleuren, Cover
The Wild Storm Cover
The Witching Hour (Vertigo) Tekeningen, Kleuren
Zero (Image Comics) Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover