Taylor Esposito

Reeks Functie(s)
Action Comics Lettering
Altered Carbon: Download Blues Lettering
American Vampire Lettering
American Vampire Anthology Lettering
Army of Darkness/Xena: Warrior Princess - Forever...and a Day Lettering
Atomahawk Lettering
Batgirl Lettering
Batman Lettering
Batman and Robin Lettering
Batman Incorporated Lettering
Batman: The Dark Knight Lettering
Batwing Lettering
Bettie Page (Dynamite Entertainment) Lettering
Birds of Prey Lettering
Birds of Prey: Futures End Lettering
Bodies Lettering
Booster Gold: Futures End Lettering
Catwoman (DC) Lettering
Centipede Lettering
Cinderella Serial Killer Princess Lettering
Dark Fang Lettering
DC Universe Presents Lettering
Deathstroke Lettering
Detective Comics Lettering
Dial H for Hero Lettering
Django Unchained Lettering
Doc Savage: The Ring of Fire Lettering
Exorsisters Lettering
The Greatest Adventure Lettering
Green Arrow Lettering
Green Lantern Lettering
Green Lantern Corps Lettering
Grimm Fairy Tales Lettering
Grimm Fairy Tales Steampunk: Alice in Wonderland Lettering
Grimm Tales of Terror April Fools' Editions Lettering
Gung-Ho: Anger Lettering
Gwar: Orgasmageddon Lettering
Human Bomb Lettering
Imperium (Valiant) Lettering
Ivar, Timewalker Lettering
The Joker: Death of the Family Lettering
Jook Joint Lettering
Katana (DC Comics) Lettering
Legion of Super-Heroes Lettering
A Letter to Jo Lettering
Magnus Lettering
New Suicide Squad Lettering
New Suicide Squad: Futures End Lettering
No One Left to Fight Lettering
Red Hood and the Outlaws Lettering
Red Sonja (Dynamite Entertainment) Lettering
Secret Origins Lettering
The Shadow/Batman Lettering
Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man Lettering
The Sovereigns Lettering
Suicide Squad Lettering
Supergirl Lettering
Superman Lettering
Swamp Thing Lettering
Talon Lettering
Time Warp (Vertigo) Lettering
Turok (Dynamite Entertainment) Lettering
The Twilight Zone: The Shadow Lettering
The Witching Hour (Vertigo) Lettering
The Worst Dudes Lettering
Young Romance: The New 52 Valentine's Day Special Lettering