Dennis Heisler

Reeks Functie(s)
Aria / Angela Lettering
Cyberforce Lettering
Cyberforce Origins Lettering
The Darkness Compendium Lettering
The Darkness Lettering
The Darkness/Witchblade Special Lettering
Darkness: Anniversary Collection Lettering
Deathmate Lettering
Dragon Age: Those Who Speak Lettering
Fathom Lettering
Felon Lettering
The Gift Lettering
The Magdalena Omnibus Lettering
The Magdalena Lettering
The Magdalena: Origins Lettering
The Maxx 100-Page Giant Lettering
The Maxx Lettering
Medieval Spawn / Witchblade Lettering
Midnight Nation Lettering
No Honor Lettering
Rising Stars Lettering
Rising Stars Prelude Lettering
Rising Stars: Bright Lettering
Rising Stars: Voices of the Dead/Bright Lettering
Star Trek/X-Men Lettering
Star Wars: Vector (Dark Horse) Lettering
Tomb Raider: The Series Lettering
Tomoe Lettering
Tomoe/Witchblade: Fire Sermon Lettering
Velocity Lettering
Wanted (Top Cow) Lettering
Witchblade Lettering
The Witchblade Collected Edition Lettering
Witchblade Compendium Lettering
Witchblade/Lady Death Lettering
Witchblade/The Darkness Special Lettering
X-Men/Alpha Flight Lettering