Ben Abernathy

Reeks (alfabetisch) Functie(s)   
Aliens vs. Predator: Eternal Editor
Astro City: Local Heroes Editor
The Authority / Lobo: Spring Break Massacre Editor
The Authority by Ed Brubaker & Dustin Nguyen Editor
The Authority Editor
The Authority: Human on the Inside Editor
The Authority: Kev Editor
The Authority: More Kev Editor
The Authority: Prime Editor
The Authority: Revolution Editor
The Authority: Scorched Earth Editor
The Authority: The Magnificent Kevin Editor
Avengers Forever Editor
Batman Editor
Batman Beyond Editor
Batman Beyond Unlimited Editor
Batman Incorporated Editor
Batman Secret Files: Clownhunter Editor
Batman/Deathblow: After the Fire Editor
Batman/Superman Editor
Batman: Fortress Editor
Batman: Killing Time Editor
Batman: The Detective Editor
Batman: The Knight Editor
Black Widow Editor
The Boys Omnibus Editor
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Angel Editor
Captain America Editor
The Curse of Dracula Editor
Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Editor
DC Retroactive: Green Lantern - The '70s Editor
DC Retroactive: Green Lantern - The '80s Editor
DC Retroactive: Green Lantern - The '90s Editor
DC Retroactive: Superman - The '70s Editor
DC Retroactive: Superman - The '80s Editor
DC Retroactive: Superman - The '90s Editor
DC Universe Online: Legends Editor
Deus Ex Editor
Driver: Crossing the Line Editor
DV8: Gods and Monsters Editor
End of Nations Editor
Essential Captain America Editor
Ex Machina Editor
Ex Machina: Inside the Machine Editor
F.E.A.R. 3 Editor
Friday the 13th: Book 2 Editor
Friday the 13th: Pamela's Tale Editor
Future State: Gotham Editor
Gears of War Editor
God of War (Wildstorm) Editor
Guff Editor
The Hammer: The Outsider Editor
The Hammer: Uncle Alex Editor
Human Target (DC Comics) Editor
Huntress Editor
I Am Batman Editor
Infamous Editor
Insurgent Editor
JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skull Editor
Kane & Lynch Editor
Killapalooza Editor
Legends of the Dark Knight Editor
Lot 13 Editor
A Man called Kev Editor
Marvel Boy (Marvel Knights) Editor
Mek Editor
Modern Warfare 2: Ghost Editor
National Comics: Eternity Editor
National Comics: Looker Editor
The Planetary Omnibus Editor
The Programme Editor
Ratchet & Clank Editor
Red Editor
Red, Editor
Red: Eyes Only Editor
Reload (Ellis) Editor
Resistance Editor
Robin & Batman Editor
The Royals: Masters of War Editor
Silent Dragon Editor
Sparta: USA Editor
The Spirit (DC Comics) Editor
Star Wars (Dark Horse) Editor
Star Wars: Crimson Empire II - Council of Blood Editor
Starcraft Editor
Storming Paradise Editor
Supernatural Editor
Supernatural: Beginning's End Editor
Supernatural: Rising Son Editor
Tales of the Human Target Editor
Team Zero Editor
Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril Editor
Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom Editor
Uncharted Editor
Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula Editor
Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs Jekyll/Hyde Editor
Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs Zombies Editor
Welcome to Tranquility: One Foot in the Grave Editor
WildC.A.T.s Editor
The Winter Men Editor
The X-Files/30 Days of Night Editor
X-men: Children of the Atom Editor
Zombie World: Tree of Death Editor