Clayton Henry

Reeks (alfabetisch) Functie(s)   
Action Comics Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
Agents of Atlas Tekeningen
Alpha Flight Tekeningen, Cover
Amazing Spider-Man: You're hired! Tekeningen, Inkting
Archer & Armstrong Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
Archer & Armstrong: Archer Cover
Avengers: The Initiative Tekeningen
Batman/Superman Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
Batman/Superman: World's Finest Cover
Bloodshot (Valiant) Cover
Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps Cover
Darkstar & the Winter Guard Cover
DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros Tekeningen, Inkting
Divinity Cover
Double Impact: Trigger Happy Tekeningen
Exiles Tekeningen, Cover
Exiles: Ultimate Collection Tekeningen
Faith (Valiant) Cover
Fantastic Five Cover
FCBD 2014 Valiant Universe Handbook Tekeningen
Fear Itself: The Worthy Tekeningen
Harbinger Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
Harbinger Renegade Cover
Harbinger Wars Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
Harbinger: Bleeding Monk Cover
Imperium (Valiant) Cover
The Incredible Hercules Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
Ivar, Timewalker Tekeningen, Inkting
Kiwi Tekeningen
Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man Tekeningen
Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes Tekeningen, Cover
New X-Men: Academy X - The Complete Collection Tekeningen
New X-Men: Hellions Tekeningen, Cover
Nikki Blade: Revenge Inkting, Cover
Nocterra Cover
Secret Weapons Cover
Spider-Girl Tekeningen, Inkting
Star Wars légendes - La collection (Hachette) Tekeningen
Star Wars Tales Tekeningen
Suicide Squad Tekeningen, Inkting
Suicide Squad (Lion) Tekeningen, Inkting
Super Heroes Cover
Superman Red and Blue Tekeningen, Inkting
Superman: Son of Kal-El Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
The Uncanny X-Men Tekeningen
Uncanny X-Men: The New Age Tekeningen
Unity Cover
Wolverine: First Class Tekeningen, Inkting
X-Men (JuniorPress) Tekeningen
X-Men (Marvel) Tekeningen
X-Men: Trial of the Juggernaut Tekeningen
X-O Manowar (Valiant) Tekeningen, Cover