John Livesay

Reeks Functie(s)
Action Comics Inkting, Inkting cover
The Amazing Spider-Man Inkting
Amazing X-Men Inkting
The American Way: Those Above and Those Below Inkting
The Authority Inkting
Avengelyne: Armageddon Inkting
The Avengers Inkting
Avengers: The Children's Crusade Inkting
Avenging Spider-Man Inkting
Batman Inkting
Batman Beyond Unlimited Inkting, Inkting cover
Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps Tekeningen
Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps: H.A.R.D. Corps Inkting
The Call Inkting
Captain Britain and MI13 Inkting
Catwoman (DC) Tekeningen, Inkting
Contest of Champions II Inkting
The Darkness (Junior Press) Inkting
The Darkness Compendium Inkting
The Darkness Inkting
The Darkness/Batman Inkting
Darkness: Anniversary Collection Inkting
DC Universe Online: Legends Tekeningen, Inkting, Inkting cover
Deadpool Inkting, Inkting cover
Deadpool by Joe Kelly Inkting
Deadpool Classic Inkting
Deathstroke Inkting
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Inkting
Doctor Strange Inkting
Doom Patrol Inkting, Inkting cover
Excalibur (Marvel) Inkting
Exiles Inkting
Fathom Inkting
Fathom (Junior Press) Tekeningen
Green Lantern Tekeningen, Inkting
Guardians of the Galaxy Inkting
Guardians of the Galaxy by Abnett & Lanning Inkting
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Inkting
Heroes for Hire Inkting
The Illegitimates Inkting
Imperium (Valiant) Inkting, Inkting cover
Incredible Hulk: The End Inkting
Infinite Crisis Omnibus Inkting
Infinity Inkting
The Invincible Iron Man Inkting
Iron Age: Omega Inkting
Lady Pendragon (Image) Inkting
Lobo Inkting
Marvel Comics - La collection (Hachette) Inkting
Marvel comics - Le meilleur des super-héros (Hachette) Inkting
Marvel Now What?! Inkting
Ms. Marvel Inkting
Namor Inkting
The New Avengers Inkting
Nova Inkting
The Origin of Generation X Inkting
Original Sin Inkting
The Outsiders Inkting
The Pulse Inkting
Punisher by Garth Ennis Omnibus Inkting
Punisher HC Collections (Marvel Knights) Inkting
Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe Inkting
Rising Stars Inkting, Inkting cover
Rising Stars (Junior Press) Inkting
Rising Stars Prelude Inkting
Shadowman End Times Tekeningen, Inkting
Spider-Girl Inkting
Spider-Man 2099 Inkting
Spider-Man vs Deadpool Inkting
Spider-Man/Deadpool Inkting
Spider-Verse Inkting
The Superior Spider-Man (Standaard) Inkting
The Superior Spider-Man Inkting
Tales of Tellos Inkting
Teen Titans Inkting
Tellos (Dynamic Forces/Image/Gorilla) Inkting
Tomb Raider: The Series Inkting
Ultimate X-Men Inkting
The Uncanny X-Men Inkting
Uncanny X-Men/Iron Man/Nova: No End in Sight Inkting
Unity Inkting
Venom/Deadpool: What If? Inkting
Venomized Inkting
Web Warriors Inkting
What If...? Inkting
Witchblade Inkting
The Witchblade Collected Edition Inkting
Witchblade Compendium Inkting
Witchblade/Lady Death Inkting, Inkting cover
Wolverine Inkting
Wolverine (Standaard) Inkting
World of Warcraft Inkting
World of Warcraft: Bloodsworn Inkting
X-Force: Phalanx Covenant Inkting
X-Men (Marvel) Inkting
X-Men Black Inkting
X-Men Black: Emma Frost Inkting
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Twilight Inkting
X-Men: Phalanx Covenant Inkting
X-Men: The Age of Apocalypse Omnibus Inkting
Young Avengers Inkting