Terry Pallot

Reeks Functie(s)
A+X Inkting
The Adventures of Chrissie Claus Inkting
The Age of the Sentry Inkting
Agents of Atlas Inkting
All New Savage She-Hulk Inkting
All-New Ultimates Inkting
All-New X-Men (Standaard) Inkting
Alpha Flight Inkting cover
Alternative Comics Tekeningen, Lettering
The Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet Inkting
Chaos War: Alpha Flight Inkting
Chaos War: Dead Avengers Inkting
Chaos War: X-Men Inkting
Cyclops (Marvel) Inkting
Daredevil: Dark Nights Inkting
Dark Avengers Inkting
Dark Horse Comics Inkting
Darth Vader Inkting
Deadpool Inkting
Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet Inkting
The Defenders (Marvel) Inkting
Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil Inkting
Dragon Age: Magekiller Inkting
Exiles Inkting, Inkting cover
Exiles: Days of Then and Now Inkting
Exiles: Ultimate Collection Inkting
Faith (Valiant) Inkting
Flare Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover, Inkting cover, Lettering
Flare Adventures Inkting
Flare Annual Tekeningen, Inkting
Flesh Gordon Inkting
Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men: The Black Vortex Inkting
Hercules: Fall of An Avenger Inkting
The Heroic Age: Prince of Power Inkting
The Incredible Hercules Inkting
The Incredible Hulk Inkting
Infinity Inkting
Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Inkting
Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe Inkting
M.O.D.O.K. Assassin Inkting
Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four Inkting
Marvel Adventures: Hulk Inkting
Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man Tekeningen, Inkting
Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes Inkting
Marvel Adventures: The Avengers Inkting
Marvel Adventures: Two-In-One Inkting
Marvel Triple Action Inkting
Marvel Universe Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes Inkting
Marvel Universe Thor Inkting
Models, Inc. Inkting
Namor: The First Mutant Inkting
New Exiles Inkting
Nova (Marvel) Inkting
Original Sin Inkting
The Punisher Inkting
Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk Inkting
Revolutionary War: Knights of Pendragon Inkting
Rune Inkting
Savage Wolverine Inkting
Scarlet Spider Inkting
Scimidar Book VI: Slashdance Inkting
Skaar: Son of Hulk Inkting
Spider-Man Family Inkting
Spider-Man Universe Inkting
Spider-Man/Secret Wars Inkting
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Malibu) Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover, Inkting cover, Lettering
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Marvel) Tekeningen, Inkting cover
Star Trek: Voyager Tekeningen, Cover
The Superior Foes of Spider-Man Inkting
The Superior Spider-Man (Standaard) Inkting
The Superior Spider-Man Inkting
Thunderbolts Inkting
Ultimate Comics Ultimates Inkting
Ultimate Comics: Divided We Fall, United We Stand Inkting
Ultimate Comics: X-Men Inkting
Ultimate Spider-Man Tekeningen
Ultra Girl Inkting
The Uncanny X-Men Inkting
Uncanny X-Men/Iron Man/Nova: No End in Sight Inkting
Venom Inkting
Web Warriors Inkting
Witchgirls Inc. Inkting
Wolverine: First Class Inkting cover
X-Men (Marvel) Inkting
X-Men Blue Inkting
X-Men Forever Inkting
X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas Inkting
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Twilight Inkting
X-Men: Battle of the Atom Inkting