Gabriele Dell'Otto

Reeks Functie(s)
5 Days to Die Cover
Action Comics Cover
The Amazing Spider-Man Cover
Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business Tekeningen, Inkting, Kleuren, Cover
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Cover
Annihilation Cover
Annihilation Omnibus Cover
Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus Cover
Annihilation: Nova Cover
Annihilation: Prologue Cover
Annihilation: Ronan Cover
Annihilation: Silver Surfer Cover
Annihilation: Super-Skrull Cover
Astonishing X-men Cover, Inkting cover
Avengers & X-Men: AXIS Cover
Avengers Assemble Cover
Avengers World Cover
The Avengers Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
Avenging Spider-Man Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
Batman Cover
The Batman Who Laughs Cover
The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight Cover
Batman: The Detective Cover
Cable and X-Force Cover
The Call Cover
Captain America and Hawkeye Cover
Chewbacca Cover
Civil War II Cover
Civil War: The Road to Civil War Cover
Daken: Dark Wolverine Cover
Daredevil Cover
Dark Knight III: The Master Race Cover
Dark Tower: Treachery Cover
Darth Vader Cover
Detective Comics Cover
Fantastic Four Cover
Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus Cover
Fear Itself: FF Cover
Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula Cover
FF Cover
G.I. Joe (IDW) Cover
Ghost Rider Cover
God of War: Fallen God Cover
Gorilla-Man Cover
House of X Cover
I Am Batman Cover
The Immortal Iron Fist Cover
Inhumans vs. X-Men Cover
International Iron Man Cover
The Invincible Iron Man Cover
Marvel Comics - La collection (Hachette) Tekeningen, Kleuren, Cover
The Mighty Thor Cover
Miracleman (Marvel) Cover
Moon Knight (Marvel) Cover
Morbius: The Living Vampire Cover
The New Avengers Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
New Avengers: Illuminati Cover
Original Sin Cover
Princess Leia Cover
Red Sonja vs Thulsa Doom Cover
Return of Wolverine Cover
Rorschach (Fornes) Cover
Secret Invasion Cover
Secret Invasion: Home Invasion Cover
Secret Invasion: Thor Cover
Secret War Tekeningen, Kleuren, Cover
Secret Wars Cover
Siege Cover
Spider-Island Cover
Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Darth Vader Cover
The Sub-Mariner Cover
Superman Cover
Superman Red and Blue Cover
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin Cover
Thor Cover
Thor: God of Thunder Cover
Ultimate Comics: Iron Man Cover
Ultimate Fantastic Four Cover
Ultimate Iron Man Cover, Kleuren cover
Ultimate Origins Cover
Ultimate X-Men Cover
Ultimatum Cover
Uncanny Avengers Cover
The Uncanny X-Men Cover
Vengeance Cover
Web Warriors Cover
What If? Secret Invasion Kleuren cover
Winter Soldier Cover
Wolverine Cover
Wolverine: Origins Cover, Kleuren cover
Wolverine: The Best There Is Cover
Wolverines Cover
Wyrd Cover
X Lives of Wolverine Cover
X-23 Cover
X-Factor Cover
X-Force by Craig Kyle & Chris Yost: The Complete Collection Tekeningen, Inkting, Kleuren
X-Force: Sex and Violence Tekeningen, Inkting, Kleuren, Cover
X-Men Red Cover