Marko Djurdjevic

Reeks Functie(s)
Age of Heroes Tekeningen
Age of Ultron Cover
Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost Cover
Amazing Spider-Man Presents: American Son Cover
The Amazing Spider-Man Cover
Astonishing X-men Cover
Astonishing X-Men/Amazing Spider-Man: The Gauntlet Sketchbook Tekeningen
Avengers Academy Cover
Avengers Origins: Ant-Man & the Wasp Cover
Avengers Origins: Luke Cage Cover
Avengers Origins: The Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver Cover
Avengers Origins: Thor Cover
Avengers Origins: Vision Cover
The Avengers Cover
Avengers: Prime Cover
Blade (Marvel) Cover
Cable Cover
Captain America Cover
Captain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus Cover
Chaos War: Ares Cover
Civil War II Cover
Daken: Dark Wolverine Cover
Daredevil Tekeningen, Cover
Daredevil Omnibus Tekeningen, Cover
Daredevil Ultimate Collection Tekeningen, Cover
Daredevil: Cage Match Cover
Dark Avengers Cover
Dark Reign: Fantastic Four Cover
Dark Reign: The Hood Cover
Dark Reign: The List - Avengers Tekeningen, Cover
Dark Tower: The Long Road Home Cover
Dark Wolverine Cover
Deadpool Cover
Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Super Natural Cover
Drifter (Image) Cover
The Eternals Cover
Fear Itself: Book of the Skull Cover
Fear Itself: Spider-Man Cover
Fear Itself: The Home Front Cover
Fear Itself: The Worthy Tekeningen
FF Cover
Generation Hope Cover
Ghost Rider Cover
Hawkeye & Mockingbird Cover
Hercules (Radical) Cover
Hulk Family: Green Genes Cover
Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide Cover
The Immortal Iron Fist Cover
The Incredible Hercules Cover
The Incredible Hulk Cover
Infinity Cover
The Invincible Iron Man Cover
Iron Man 2.0 Cover
The List Tekeningen
Marvel Boy: The Uranian Cover
Marvel Comics - La collection (Hachette) Cover
Marvel Illustrated: The Man in the Iron Mask Cover
The Mighty Avengers Tekeningen, Inkting, Kleuren, Cover
Ms. Marvel Cover
Mystic Arcana Cover
Mystic Arcana: Black Knight Cover
Mystic Arcana: Magik Cover
Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch Cover
Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm Cover
The New Avengers Tekeningen, Cover
The New Mutants Cover
Secret Avengers Cover
Secret Invasion Aftermath: Beta Ray Bill Cover
Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising Cover
Siege: Battlefield Cover
Siege: Captain America Cover
Siege: Loki Cover
Siege: Road To Siege Tekeningen, Cover
Siege: Secret Warriors Cover
Siege: Spider-Man Cover
Siege: Young Avengers Cover
Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier Cover
The Sub-Mariner Cover
Target X-Men: First Class - New Beginnings Cover
Thanos Rising Cover
Thor Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
Thor Giant-Size Finale Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
Thor God-Size Special Cover
Thor: Ages of Thunder Tekeningen, Cover
Thor: Man of War Cover
Thor: Reign of Blood Cover
Thunderbolts Cover
Ultimate Fallout Cover
Ultimate Fantastic Four Cover
Ultimate Spider-Man (Ultimate Comics) Cover
Ultimatum: March on Ultimatum Tekeningen
Uncanny X-Force Cover
The Uncanny X-Men Cover
What If? Civil War Tekeningen, Cover
What If? X-Men Age of Apocalypse Cover
Wolverine Cover
Wolverine: Origins Cover
Wolverine: The Best There Is Cover
Wolverine: Weapon X Cover
World War Hulk: Gamma Files Cover
X-23 Cover
X-Men (Marvel) Cover
X-Men: First Class Cover
X-Men: Hellbound Cover
X-Men: Legacy Cover
X-Men: Magneto Testament Cover
X-O Manowar (Valiant) Cover
Young Guns Tekeningen