Charles Barnett III

Reeks Functie(s)
The Complete Elfquest Inkting
Daredevil Inkting
Daredevil Epic Collection Inkting
The Darkness (Junior Press) Inkting
Deathstroke, the Terminator Inkting
Elfquest Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover, Inkting cover
Elfquest: Blood of Ten Chiefs Inkting
Elfquest: De verborgen jaren Inkting
Elfquest: Hidden Years Inkting, Inkting cover
Elfquest: Jink Inkting, Inkting cover
Elfquest: New Blood Inkting
Elfquest: Shards Cover
Elfquest: The Rebels Inkting, Cover
Elfquest: Wolfrider Inkting
Fantastic Four Unlimited Inkting
Flare Adventures Inkting cover
Hawk and Dove Inkting
The Legends of Nascar Inkting, Inkting cover
Magnus Robot Fighter (Valiant) Inkting
The Tigress Inkting cover