Troy Peteri

Reeks Functie(s)
The 13th Artifact Lettering
7 Psychopaths Lettering
The 7th Sword Lettering
Abattoir Scenario, Lettering
Abyss (Red 5 Comics) Lettering
Abyss: Family Issues Lettering
Action Comics Lettering
American Legends Lettering
Aphrodite IX: Ares Lettering
Aphrodite V Lettering
Apocalypse Al Lettering
Apollo IX Lettering
Ares IX: Darkness Lettering
Artemis IX Lettering
Artifacts Lettering
Artifacts Lost Tales Lettering
Artifacts Origins Lettering
Athena IX Lettering
Avengers Infinity Lettering
Batman Lettering
Batman & Robin Eternal Lettering
Batman Secret Files Lettering
Batman: Nightwalker Lettering
Batman: Universe Lettering
Batman: Urban Legends Lettering
Before The Fantastic Four: Ben Grimm & Logan Lettering
Black Fire Lettering
Bleedout Lettering
Blood Nation Lettering
Brath Lettering
The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman Lettering
Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises Lettering
The Butcher of Paris Lettering
C.O.W.L. Lettering
Cannibal Lettering
Chopper (Shapiro) Lettering
Civil War: The Initiative Lettering
The Clock Lettering
Cold Space Lettering
Conan: Island of No Return Lettering
Counter X Lettering
CrossGen Chronicles Lettering
The Crossovers Lettering
Crux Lettering
Cutter Lettering
Cyberforce Lettering
Cyberforce : Artifacts Lettering
The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood Lettering
Daredevil Lettering
Daredevil/Spider-man Lettering
Dark Shadows Lettering
Dark Shadows/Vampirella Lettering
Dark Shadows: Year One Lettering
The Darkness Compendium Lettering
The Darkness Lettering
The Darkness: Close Your Eyes Lettering
The Darkness: Four Horsemen Lettering
The Darkness: Hope Lettering
The Darkness: Vicious Traditions Lettering
Days Missing Lettering
Days Missing: Kestus Lettering
Dead or Alive Lettering
Dead Squad Lettering
Dead Squad: Ayala Tal Lettering
Deadlands: Black Water Lettering
Deadpool Lettering
Detective Comics Lettering
Doberman Lettering
Down Lettering
Dragon Prince Lettering
Dread Gods Lettering
Dream Police Lettering
Drone Lettering
Echoes (Ekedal) Lettering
Eclipse (Image) Lettering
Eden's Fall Lettering
Empire: Uprising Lettering
Event Leviathan Lettering
Evil Ernie (Dynamite Entertainment) Lettering
Fear Itself: The Home Front Lettering
First Born/Broken Trinity Lettering
The First Lettering
The Freeze Lettering
G.I. Joe: Master & Apprentice Lettering
Galactus the Devourer Lettering
Generation X Lettering
Genius (Top Cow) Lettering
Genius Cartel Lettering
The Green Hornet (Dynamite Entertainment) Lettering
Hadrian's Wall Lettering
Hunter's Fortune Lettering
Impaler Lettering
Indestructible: Stingray Lettering
Infinite Dark Lettering
The Invincible Iron Man by Kurt Busiek & Sean Chen Lettering
The Invincible Iron Man Lettering
Iron Fist/Wolverine Lettering
IXth Generation Lettering
IXth Generation Hidden Files Lettering
Jennifer's Body Lettering
Jingle Belle Lettering
Jingle Belle: Gift-Wrapped Lettering
Jingle Belle: The Whole Package Lettering
Justice Inc.: The Avenger Lettering
Keyser Soze: Scorched Earth Lettering
Kill Whitey Donovan Lettering
Killer Instinct (Adams) Lettering
Kiss (Dynamite Entertainment) Lettering
Kiss/Vampirella Lettering
Kiss: Forever Lettering
Kiss: The Demon Lettering
Lady Death: A Medieval Tale Lettering
Last Mortal Lettering
The Last of the Greats Lettering
The Librarians Lettering
Lone Ranger Green Hornet Lettering
Madame Mirage Lettering
The Magdalena Seventh Sacrament Lettering
The Magdalena Lettering
A Man Among Ye Lettering
Mark of Charon Lettering
Marvel Heartbreakers Lettering
Meridian Lettering
Moon Girl (Red 5) Lettering
Moon Lake Lettering
Muppet Peter Pan Lettering
Muppet Snow White Lettering
Mysterious Ways Lettering
Mystic Lettering
Negation Lettering
Negation Lawbringer Lettering
Neozoic: Trader's Gambit Lettering
Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift Lettering
The Path Lettering
Pilot Season: Lady Pendragon Lettering
Port of Earth Lettering
Poseidon IX Lettering
Postal Lettering
Postal FBI Dossier Lettering
Postal Night Shift Lettering
Postal: Deliverance Lettering
Postal: Laura Lettering
Postal: Mark Lettering
The Precinct Lettering
Prophecy Lettering
Ravine (Top Cow) Lettering
Red Sonja (Dynamite Entertainment) Lettering
The Ride: Southern Gothic Lettering
Rising Stars: Untouchable Lettering
Rising Stars: Voices of the Dead Lettering
Rising Stars: Voices of the Dead/Bright Lettering
Romulus Lettering
Route 666 Lettering
Ruse (CrossGen) Lettering
Sacrifice Lettering
Samaritan Veritas Lettering
Saurians: Unnatural Selection Lettering
Scion Lettering
Self/Made Lettering
Shinku Lettering
Shotgun Wedding Lettering
Sigil Lettering
Sojourn Lettering
Son of Merlin Lettering
Sons of the Devil Lettering
Spider-Woman Lettering
St. Mercy Lettering
Stairway Lettering
Stealth (Mitchell) Lettering
Sunset Lettering
Superman Lettering
Superman Red and Blue Lettering
Superman: Endless Winter Special Lettering
Superman: Heroes Lettering
Superman: Leviathan Rising Special Lettering
Superman: Lois and Clark Lettering
Superman: Villains Lettering
Symmetry Lettering
Tales of Honor Lettering
Ten Grand Lettering
Think Tank (Minotaur Press) Lettering
Think Tank Military Dossier Lettering
Think Tank: Animal Lettering
Think Tank: Creative Destruction Lettering
Think Tank: Fun with PTSD Lettering
Thunderbolts Lettering
The Tithe Lettering
The Tithe: Samaritan Lettering
Tracker (Tsai) Lettering
True Blood: The Great Revelation Lettering
Twilight Guardian Lettering
Ultimate Spider-Man Lettering
Velocity Lettering
Velocity: Pilot Season Lettering
Vindication Lettering
Warframe Lettering
Warlord of Mars Lettering
Wildfire Lettering
Witchblade Lettering
Witchblade Case Files Lettering
Witchblade/Red Sonja Lettering
Witchblade: Day of the Outlaws Lettering
Witchblade: Demon Reborn Lettering
Wolverine Lettering
Wolverine Epic Collection Lettering
X-23: Target X Lettering
X-Man Lettering
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Twilight Lettering
X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong Lettering
X-Men: The Age of Apocalypse Omnibus Lettering
Zeven Lettering
[Prototype] Lettering