Chip Kidd

Reeks + Strip Functie(s)
All Star Superman (Lion) 1 All-Star Superman Voorwoord
Batman: Death By Design 1 Batman: Death By Design Scenario
Before Watchmen: Rorschach 3 Issue #3 Cover
Convergence Booster Gold 1 Ride the Wave Cover
Convergence Booster Gold 2 Issue #2 Cover
Convergence Swamp Thing 1 It's Not Easy Being Green Kleuren cover
Convergence Swamp Thing 2 The Night Has a Thousand Eyes! Kleuren cover
Dark Knight III: The Master Race 9 Book 9 Cover
Final Crisis 1 D.O.A.: The God of War! Cover
Final Crisis 2 Ticket to Blüdhaven Cover
Final Crisis 3 Know Evil Cover
Final Crisis 4 Darkseid Says Cover
Final Crisis 5 Into Oblivion Cover
Frank Miller's Sin City 1 The Hard Goodbye Cover
Frank Miller's Sin City 2 A Dame to Kill For Cover
Frank Miller's Sin City 7 Hell and Back Cover
Strange Tales INT C1 Vol. 01 Cover ontwerp
Watchmen S1 Watching the Watchmen Tekst
Wolverine F1 The Flower Cartel Cover