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Bronze Tiger/Ben Turner

In de reeks Batgirl

62 The Hood, Part 3: Dead Weight
67 Destruction's Daughter, Part 2: Bird Calls
INT 5 Kicking assassins
INT 6 Destruction's Daughter

In de reeks Secret Six

B8 Double Date
B17 Danse Macabre, Part 2
B18 Danse Macabre, Part 3
INT B2 Depths
INT B3 Danse Macabre

In de reeks Suicide Squad

1 Trial By Blood
2 Trial by Fire
3 Jailbreak
4 William Hell's Overture
6 Hitting the Fan
7 Thrown to the Wolves
13 Battle Lines
14 Nightshade Odyssey, Part 1: Slipping Into Darkness
15 Nightshade Odyssey, Part 2: Devil to Pay
16 Nightshade Odyssey, Part 3: Deathzone!
17 Battleground Manhattan
18 Manhattan Massacre
19 Personal Files - - Amanda Waller
20 Practice to Deceive
21 Rogues
22 Final Round
23 Weird War Tales
24 Slings and Arrows
25 Sea of Troubles
26 Stone Cold Dead
27 Scattermove
29 Heavy Squad
30 Endgame
31 Acts of Contrition
32 Steel Trap
33 Into the Angry Planet
34 Armagetto
36 In Final Battle
37 Threads
38 Caging the Tiger
41 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 2: Embers
42 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 3: Firefight
43 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 4: Black Queen's Mate
45 The Jerusalem Serpent
46 Choice of Evils
47 Choice of Dooms
49 Out of Control
50 Debt of Honor
51 Fractured Image
54 The Dragon's Hoard, Part 2: Divine Wind
55 The Dragon's Hoard, Part 3: Dead Man's Hand
56 The Dragon's Hoard, Part 4: Dragon's Teeth
57 The Dragon's Hoard, Part 5: Dragon's Blood
58 Suicide Attack!
59 Legerdemain, Part 1: Forges in Motion
61 Legerdemain, Part 3: Snafu
62 Legerdemain, Part 4: Number the Dead
64 Nasty as They Want to Be!
65 Run Through the Jungle!
66 And Be a Villain!
67 Danse Macabre, Part 1
INT 1 Trial by Fire
INT 2 The Nightshade Odyssey
INT 3 Rogues
AN1 Annual 1

In de reeks Secret Origins

14 Starring Suicide Squad

In de reeks Justice League International

13 Collision Course

In de reeks Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag

1 Raise the Dead
2 Weapons
3 Allies
4 A Murder of Crows
5 Scarlet Tears
6 False Start
7 Carnage
8 Bring Out Your Dead
INT 1 From the Ashes

In de reeks Deathstroke, the Hunted

41 Killers

In de reeks Red Hood and the Outlaws

20 Confessions
21 Dissolution
22 Dangerous People
23 All Fall Down
24 Shakedown
26 Remembering
27 Demons
INT 5 The Big Picture
AN1 Trust Fall

In de reeks Checkmate

A6 Rogue Squad, Part 1
A7 Rogue Squad, Part 2
A18 Fall of the Wall, Part 1
A19 Fall of the Wall, Part 2

In de reeks Robin (DC Comics)

A55 Brotherhood of the Fist, Part 3: Monkey Fist

In de reeks Detective Comics

485 The Vengeance Vow!
489 Creatures of the Night

In de reeks Deathstroke

B2 Journey Into the Abyss
B3 Family Values
B4 Moving Targets
B5 Battle Royale
B6 Honor Thy Father
INT B1 Gods Of War

In de reeks Firestorm, The Nuclear Man

87 Freak Storm

In de reeks War of the Gods

3 Casualties of War
4 In The Beginning... There Was the End

In de reeks Hawk and Dove

B3 Hellhound on My Trail
B4 Road Rules
B5 Homecoming

In de reeks Green Arrow

A135 Brotherhood of the Fist, Part 5: The Borrowed Life

In de reeks Damage

14 The Hunt for Dr. Polaris