Kent Nelson

In de reeks Doctor Fate

A9 Food for Thought
A10 The Death of Innocence, Part 1: Denial
A11 The Death of Innocence, Part 2: Anger!
A12 The Death of Innocence, Part 3: And I will fall...
A13 And I Will Rise
A15 Eyeless, I See
A21 The Bleeding World!
A23 The Beginningless Beginning
A24 The Endless End
A26 Power Failures, Power Successes
A27 Employment
A28 The Forgotten
A29 The Sewers of Time
A30 The Shadow of Death
A31 Thin Air
A32 Gathering Storms
A38 The Spirit Motor
A39 Testimony to the World
A41 Balances
C12 Endings
C13 Ancient Wisdom

In de reeks JSA

2 The Wheel of Life
3 Old Souls
4 Ouroboros
47 Princes of Darkness, Part 2: Eclipse
48 Princes of Darkness, Part 3: Enlightenment
58 Black Reign, Part 5
63 Waking the Sandman, Part 1: Insomnia
INT 1 Justice Be Done
INT 7 Princes of Darkness
INT 8 Black Reign
INT 9 Lost

In de reeks Doomsday Clock (DC Comics)

8 Save Humanity
INT 2 Part 2
INT *1 Doomsday Clock

In de reeks Doomsday Clock (Dark Dragon)

4 Deel 4
INT 1 Doomsday Clock