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Spider-Man/Peter Parker

In de reeks Peter Parker, de spektakulaire Spiderman

1 Boemerang, de moordenaar die steeds terugkomt!

In de reeks De Spectaculaire Spiderman

INT 5 Omnibus 5
INT 6 Omnibus 6
INT 7 Omnibus 7
INT 8 Omnibus 8
INT 9 Omnibus 9
INT 10 Omnibus 10
INT 11 Omnibus 11

In de reeks Web van Spiderman

INT 10 Omnibus 10

In de reeks Longshot

3 Just Let Me Die
4 Can't Give It All Away!
INT 1 Longshot

In de reeks Alias

INT B1 Alias Omnibus
15 It's Raining Men
INT 2 Come Home
INT A1 The Ultimate Collection, Book One

In de reeks Heroic Age: One Month To Live

1 Week One

In de reeks Marvel Treasury Edition

25 Spider-man vs. The Hulk! at the Winter Olympics

In de reeks Wolverine

C16 Wolverine Forever

In de reeks Spider-Man (Marvel Illustrated Books)

1 Spider-Man: His Greatest Team-Up Battles

In de reeks The Amazing Spider-Girl

1 Whatever Happened to the Daughter of Spider-Man?, Part 1

In de reeks Fear Itself

7 Thor's Day

In de reeks Annihilators: Earthfall

1 Issue #1
2 Issue #2
3 Issue #3

In de reeks Klaws of the Panther

3 Music of the Spheres
4 Enter the Black Widow
INT 1 Klaws of the Panther

In de reeks Arman & Ilva (Sherpa)

14 De bewonderenswaardige Labritta

In de reeks Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man

A18 Goblin Ball
A20 The Sandstorm
A22 Fight Club
A23 There Can Be Only One!

In de reeks Avengers: The Children's Crusade

9 Issue #9

In de reeks Carnage, U.S.A.

1 This Land Is My Land
4 Oh Say Can You Scream!

In de reeks Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes

A24 A Mountain from an Anthill

In de reeks Avengers: X-Sanction

4 Sundown

In de reeks USA Magazine

27 Numéro 27

In de reeks The New Avengers

A16.1 Issue #16.1
A17 Issue #17
A18 Issue #18
A19 Issue #19
A22 Issue #22
A23 Issue #23

In de reeks Spider-Man: Season One

1 Spider-Man: Season One

In de reeks Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth

1 Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth

In de reeks Astonishing X-men

INT B4 Unstoppable
INT B A2 Volume 2
INT B C1 Omnibus
B GS1 Gone

In de reeks Amazing Spider-Man: The Movie

1 Part One

In de reeks Captain Marvel

E1 Issue #1

In de reeks Peter Parker: Spider-Man

A156.1 Old Haunts

In de reeks The Sensational Spider-Man

B33.1 Monsters!, Part 1

In de reeks Daredevil by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

1 Volume 1

In de reeks The Punisher: Year One

2 Post Mortem

In de reeks Avenging Spider-Man

2 Issue #2
3 Issue #3
5 Issue #5
10 Issue #10
11 Issue #11
12 Issue #12

In de reeks Daredevil Ultimate Collection

1 Bendis/Maleev, Book 1
2 Bendis/Maleev, Book 2
3 Bendis/Maleev, Book 3
4 Brubaker/Lark, Book 1
6 Brubaker/Lark Book 3

In de reeks X-23

A15 Chaos Theory, Part 3
A16 Chaos Theory, Part 4
A17 Misadventures in Babysitting, Part 1
INT A2 Chaos Theory
INT A3 Don't Look Back

In de reeks Marvel Knights: Moon Knight (Panini)

1 Vengeur

In de reeks The Avengers

D17 Issue #17
D18 Issue #18
INT D3 Volume 3

In de reeks Fantastic Four: Island Of Death

1 Island Of Death

In de reeks Daredevil

16 Enter: Spider-Man
17 None Are So Blind...!
27 Matt Murdock Must Die!
43 In Combat With Captain America!
54 Call Him... Fear!
77 And So Enters The Amazing Spider-Man
103 Then Came Ramrod!
135 What's Happening?
160 In the Hands of Bullseye
165 Arms of the Octopus
A0.5 The Devil Discussed
A7 Guardian Devil, Part 7: The Devil's Demon
A8 Guardian Devil, Part 8: The Devil's Deliverance
A16 Wake Up, Part 1
A20 Playing to the Camera, Part 1: Redsuit Lawsuit
A21 Playing to the Camera, Part 2: A Fellow of Infinite Jest
A24 Playing to the Camera, Part 5: Ruminations Over Manhattan
A25 Playing to the Camera, Part 6: Who Is That Masked Man?
A34 Out, Part 3
A35 Out, Part 4
A56 The King of Hell's Kitchen, Part 1
A59 The King of Hell's Kitchen, Part 4
A60 The King of Hell's Kitchen, Part 5
A65 The universe
A69 Golden Age, Part 4
A81 The Murdock Papers, Part 6
A83 The Devil in Cell-Block D, Part 2
A112 Lady Bullseye, Part 2
INT A19 Lady Bullseye
INT A A1 Guardian Devil and Parts of a Hole
INT A A2 Underboss and Out
INT A A4 King of Hell's Kitchen and The Widow
INT A A5 Golden Age and Decalogue
INT A A6 The Murdock Papers and Wake Up
INT B3 Volume 3

In de reeks Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man

15 Volume 15

In de reeks Journey Into Mystery

C635 The Terrorism Myth, Part 3
INT C3 The Terrorism Myth

In de reeks Punisher: War Zone

B1 Issue #1
B3 Issue #3
B4 Issue #4
B5 Issue #5
INT B1 Enter the War Zone

In de reeks Wolverine by Jason Aaron

INT 1 Omnibus, Volume 1

In de reeks Spawn Origins

A1 Volume 1

In de reeks Spider-Man: Am I an Avenger?

1 Spider-Man: Am I an Avenger?

In de reeks Web of Spider-Man

33 What's the Matter with Mommy?

In de reeks The Spectacular Spider-Man

133 I Am... Spider!

In de reeks Humo presenteert (Marvel)

2 Spider-Man: Big Time

In de reeks Marvel Age Spider-Man

1 Duel to the death with the Vulture
20 Where flies the Beetle
#10 The return of Dr. Octopus
2 Spider-Man versus Doctor Octopus
5 Face to face with the Lizard!
6 The return of the Vulture
7 The terrible threat of the Living Brain
8 The man called Electro!
9 The Enforcers
12 The menace of Mysterio
13 The grotesque adventure of the Green Goblin
14 Kraven the hunter
15 Duel with Daredevil
16 Return of the Green Goblin
17 The end of Spider-Man!

In de reeks Venom

A27.1 The Evil Inside Us All...
INT A6 The Land Where Killers Dwell

In de reeks The Superior Spider-Man

1 Hero Or Menace?
2 The Peter Principle
3 Everything You Know Is Wrong
4 The Aggressive Approach
5 Emotional Triggers
6 Joking Hazard
7 Troubled Mind, Part 1: Right-Hand Man
8 Troubled Mind, Part 2: Proof Positive
9 Troubled Mind, Part 3: Gray Matters
11 No Escape, Part 1: A Lock for Every Key
13 No Escape, Part 3: The Slayer the Slain
INT 2 A Troubled Mind
INT 3 No Escape
INT *2 Volume 2

In de reeks The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Special

1 Nummer 1

In de reeks Daredevil Omnibus

3 Volume 3
4 Volume 4

In de reeks Spawn

10 Crossing Over

In de reeks Atlantis Attacks

1 Atlantis Attacks

In de reeks The Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I?

1 Issue #1
INT 1 Who Am I?

In de reeks Spider-Man magazine - 2014 (Panini)

1 Nummer 1
2 Nummer 2

In de reeks FF

9 Burn It Down
10 What I Need
11 Intelligence
12 Too Many Kids
17 The Roommate Experiment
INT 1 Volume 1
INT A2 Family Freakout

In de reeks Ultimate Spider-Man

INT B1 Ultimate Spider-man Omnibus
A1 Annual 1

In de reeks Punisher HC Collections (Marvel Knights)

1 Volume 1
2 Volume 2

In de reeks The Punisher

B16 Total X-Tinction, Part 5: Dead to Rights
B17 Dead Man Walking
E2 Does Whatever a Spider Can
E33 Confederacy of Dunces, Part 1
E34 Confederacy of Dunces, Part 2
E35 Confederacy of Dunces, Part 3
E36 Confederacy of Dunces, Part 4
INT E1 Army of One
INT E2 Business As Usual
INT E5 Confederacy of Dunces

In de reeks The Amazing Spider-Man

295 Mad Dogs
INT 0 Spider-Man: One More Day
INT A2 Spider-Man: Sinister Six
INT A2 Revelations
B667 Spider-Island, Part 1: The Amazing Spider-Manhattan
B670 Spider-Island, Part 4: Spiders, Spiders, Everywhere
B671 Spider-Island, Part 5: A New Hope
B672 Spider-Island, Part 6: Boss Battle
B673 Spider-Island, Epilogue: The Naked City
B675 Great Heights, Part 2: Partners in Crime
B678 I Killed Tomorrow, Part 1: Schrodinger's Catastrophe
B680 Issue #680
B682 Ends of the Earth, Part 1: My World on Fire
B685 Ends of the Earth, Part 4: Global Menace!
B686 Ends of the Earth, Part 5: From the Ashes of Defeat
B688 No Turning Back, Part 1: The Win Column
B690 No Turning Back, Part 3: Natural State
B691 No Turning Back, Part 4: Human Error
B692 Alpha, Part 1: Point of Origin
B696 Danger Zone, Part 2: Key to the Kingdom
B697 Danger Zone, Part 3: War of the Goblins
B698 Dying Wish, Prelude: Day in the Life
B699 Dying Wish: Outside the Box
B699.1 Issue #699.1
B700 Dying Wish: Suicide Run
INT B6 Happy Birthday
INT B16 New Ways to Die
INT B17 Crime and Punisher
INT B18 Death and Dating
INT B19 Election Day
INT B20 24/7
INT B21 American Son
INT B22 Died In Your Arms Tonight
INT B24 Return of Black Cat
INT B25 The Gauntlet, Vol. 1: Electro & Sandman
INT B26 The Gauntlet, Vol. 2: Rhino & Mysterio
INT B27 The Gauntlet, Vol. 3: Vulture & Morbius
INT B34 Matters of Life and Death
INT B41 Lizard: No Turning Back
INT B42 Danger Zone
INT B43 Dying Wish
INT B44 Peter Parker, the One and Only
C1 Lucky to be Alive
C7 Issue #7
C8 Issue #8
INT C1 The Parker Luck
INT C1.1 Learning to Crawl
INT C2 Spider-Verse Prelude
INT C3 Spider-Verse
INT C4 Graveyard Shift
INT C5 Spiral

In de reeks The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

7 Issue #7
INT 2 Squirrel You Know It's True

In de reeks The Superior Spider-Man (Standaard)

1 Deel 1
2 Deel 2
3 Deel 3
4 Deel 4
5 Deel 5
6 Deel 6

In de reeks Ms. Marvel

INT B4 Last Days
INT B A2 Volume 2

In de reeks Spider-Men

1 Issue #1
2 Issue #2
3 Issue #3
4 Issue #4
5 Issue #5
INT 1 Spider-Men

In de reeks Moon Knight (Marvel)

D7 Midnight Sun, Part 1: The Woodwork
INT D2 Midnight Sun
E3 Issue #3
E6 Issue #6
INT E*1 Moon Knight by Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev

In de reeks Marvel comics - Le meilleur des super-héros (Hachette)

2 Spider-Man
18 Carol Danvers: Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel
61 Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man
74 Spider-Man 2099
80 Ben Reilly, Scarlet Spider

In de reeks Marvel Comics - La collection (Hachette)

1 Amazing Spider-Man: Vocation
31 Daredevil: Sous l'aile du diable
42 The Amazing Spider-Man: Confession
50 Marvel Knights Spider-Man: Parmi les morts
57 Marvel Knights Spider-Man: Crache ton venin
60 Fear Itself
78 Ultimate Spider-Man: La mort de Spider-Man
81 Avengers: La croisade des enfants
82 Daredevil: Meurtre sous contrat
84 The Amazing Spider-Man: La fin de Spider-Man
98 The Amazing Spider-Man: La mort des Stacy
108 The Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Island, première partie
117 The Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Island, deuxième partie
129 Superior Spider-Man: Mon premier ennemi

In de reeks Marvel Knights Spider-Man

INT 3 The Last Stand
INT 4 Wild Blue Yonder

In de reeks Strange (LUG)

78 Numéro 78
128 Numéro 128
129 Numéro 129
130 Numéro 130
131 Numéro 131
136 Numéro 136
137 Numéro 137
140 Numéro 140
147 Numéro 147
179 Numéro 179

In de reeks Spider-Man (Dark Dragon)

1 Dood spoor, deel 1
2 Dood spoor, deel 2
3 Venom is terug, deel 1
5 De laatste snik, deel 1
6 De laatste snik, deel 2
INT 1 Premiumpakket 1

In de reeks Boerke

10 Boerke ontgoocheld