Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew

In de reeks Spider-Woman

INT C1 Agent of S.W.O.R.D

In de reeks Fear Itself

7 Thor's Day

In de reeks Avengers Academy

20 Endings

In de reeks Avenging Spider-Man

5 Issue #5

In de reeks Avengers vs. X-Men

0 Issue #0

In de reeks Marvel Knights: Moon Knight (Panini)

2 Bas les masques!

In de reeks The Avengers

D17 Issue #17
D18 Issue #18
D23 Issue #23
D24 Issue #24
INT D3 Volume 3

In de reeks Captain America and Black Widow

638 Issue #638
639 Issue #639
INT 1 Captain America and Black Widow

In de reeks Hawkeye

C9 Girls

In de reeks The Amazing Spider-Man

B698 Dying Wish, Prelude: Day in the Life
INT B43 Dying Wish

In de reeks Wolverine

A2 Possession is the Law
A3 The Black Blade
A4 Bloodsport
A5 Hunter's Moon!
A6 Roughouse!
A7 Mr. Fixit Comes to Town
A8 If It Ain't Broke...!
A10 24 Hours
A11 Brother's Keeper
A12 Straits of San Francisco
A13 Blood Ties
A14 Flying Wolves
A15 Homecoming
A16 Electric Warriors
A27 The Lazarus Project, Part 1: Predators and Prey!
A29 The Lazarus Project, Part 3: The Road Back

In de reeks The Superior Spider-Man

8 Troubled Mind, Part 2: Proof Positive
INT 2 A Troubled Mind
INT *2 Volume 2

In de reeks All-New X-Men

8 Issue #8
INT 2 Here To Stay
INT *A1 Volume 1

In de reeks All-New X-Men (Standaard)

3 Deel 3

In de reeks The Superior Spider-Man (Standaard)

1 Deel 1
4 Deel 4

In de reeks Ultimate Comics Ultimates

3 The Republic is Burning
8 Two Cities, Two Worlds, Part 2
INT 1 Ultimates by Jonathan Hickman, Volume 1
INT 2 Ultimates By Jonathan Hickman, Volume 2

In de reeks Marvel Comics - La collection (Hachette)

60 Fear Itself
105 Avengers Vs X-Men, première partie
108 The Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Island, première partie
129 Superior Spider-Man: Mon premier ennemi