Captain Marvel/Billy Batson

In de reeks Starman

A35 Mr. Pip and Mr. Black
A39 Lightning and Stars, Part 1: Sturm und Drang
A40 Lightning and Stars, Part 3
A75 Sons and their Fathers
INT A5 Infernal Devices
INT A6 To Reach The Stars
INT A10 Sons of the Father
INT A A3 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 3
INT A A4 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 4
INT A A6 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 6

In de reeks Spawn Origins

A1 Volume 1

In de reeks Spawn

10 Crossing Over

In de reeks Superman: De oogst

1 Superman: De oogst

In de reeks JLA: Another Nail

3 Issue #3
INT 1 Another Nail

In de reeks Birds of Prey

62 Sensei & Student, Part 1
79 Hero Hunters, Part 4: She Rides the Eye of a Hurricane
INT 4 Sensei & Student
INT 6 The Battle Within

In de reeks Doctor Fate

B3 The Curse, Part 3

In de reeks JLA: Liberty and Justice

1 Liberty and Justice

In de reeks Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day

3 Recessional
INT 1 Graduation Day

In de reeks Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy

1 Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy

In de reeks JSA: All Stars

A4 Issue #4
INT A1 Constellations

In de reeks Formerly Known as the Justice League

1 A[nother] New Beginning
INT 1 Formerly Known As the Justice League

In de reeks Booster Gold

A1 52 Pick-Up, Part 1: Secret Origins
A6 52 Pick-Up, Part 6: Meet the Beetles
INT A1 52 Pick-up

In de reeks Hawkman

C23 Black Reign, Part 2
C24 Black Reign, Part 4
C25 Black Reign, Conclusion

In de reeks JSA

33 Stealing Thunder, Part 1: Wish Fulfillment
34 Stealing Thunder, Part 2: Troublestruck
35 Stealing Thunder, Part 3: Lightning Storm
36 Stealing Thunder, Part 4: Time-Bound
37 Stealing Thunder, Part 5: Crossing Over
40 ...Do No Harm
41 The Unborn Hour
42 Paradox Play
43 Yesterday's War
44 The Tears of Ra
45 Princes of Darkness, Prologue: Peacemakers
46 Princes of Darkness, Part 1: Into the Valley
47 Princes of Darkness, Part 2: Eclipse
49 Princes of Darkness, Part 4: Army of Darkness
50 Princes of Darkness, Part 5: The Last Light
51 Princes of Darkness, Coda: Justice Eternity
52 Brand New Day
54 Virtue, Vice & Pumpkin Pie
57 Black Reign, Part 3
58 Black Reign, Part 5
59 Time and Time and Time Again
73 Black Vengeance, Part 1
75 Black Vengeance, Conclusion
77 Mixed Signals
78 Lost & Found, Part 1
80 Lost & Found, Part 3
INT 5 Stealing Thunder
INT 6 Savage Times
INT 7 Princes of Darkness
INT 8 Black Reign
INT 9 Lost
INT 10 Black Vengeance
INT 11 Mixed Signals

In de reeks JSA Kingdom Come Special: Superman

1 Issue #1

In de reeks Firestorm

A6 Joyride
A22 Building a Better Firestorm, Book 2: Lost and Found

In de reeks The Fury of Firestorm

58 Gambit
59 Glass Houses
63 Rogue Hero

In de reeks War of the Gods

1 Hellfire's Web
4 In The Beginning... There Was the End

In de reeks JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice

1 Virtue and Vice

In de reeks Superman: World Without a Superman

1 Superman: World Without a Superman

In de reeks The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus

1 The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus

In de reeks Action Comics

802 The Harvest, Part 1
804 The Harvest, Part 3
826 Lightning Strikes Twice, Part 1

In de reeks Superman

442 Power Play
494 Kismet: The Road Not Taken
522 City of Hope
551 Genesis for Humanity
639 Lightning Strikes Twice, Part 2
A76 Funeral For a Friend, Part 4: Metropolis Mailbag II
A102 Trading Places
A216 Lightning Strikes Twice, Part 3