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Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth

In de reeks Batman (Baldakijn)

15 Jaar twee, hoofdstuk 1+2
16 Jaar twee, hoofdstuk 3+4
44 Duistere ridder tegen duistere stad, deel 1+2
45 Duistere ridder tegen duistere stad, deel 3

In de reeks Batman/Grendel

A2 Devils Dance

In de reeks Batman/Aliens

2 Book Two

In de reeks Batman: The Cult

3 Escape
4 Combat

In de reeks Batman Unseen

1 Meat-Man
2 Translux
3 Ghost-Killer
4 Blur
5 Vanished

In de reeks Batman and the Outsiders

A3 Throwdown
A8 The Hard Way
A14 A Family Affair
INT A1 The Chrysalis
INT A2 The Snare

In de reeks Batman: Face the Face

1 Batman: Face the Face

In de reeks Batman: The Widening Gyre

1 Turning and Turning
2 The Falconer

In de reeks Batman: Sword of Azrael

1 Vanishing Angels & Sudden Death
2 Azrael Does Not Protect
3 Direct Action
4 No One is Innocent

In de reeks Batman: War Games

2 Tides
3 Endgame

In de reeks Batman and the Monster Men

1 Issue #1
2 Issue #2
3 Issue #3
5 Issue #5

In de reeks Hitman

INT 1 Hitman

In de reeks Batman: Son of the Demon

1 Batman: Son of the Demon

In de reeks Elseworld's Finest

1 Book One

In de reeks Batman: Hush

1 Batman: Hush

In de reeks Batman: The Mad Monk

1 Part One
2 Part Two
4 Part Four
5 Part Five

In de reeks JLA (Panini comics - Frans)

3 Mesures extrêmes

In de reeks Batman: Castle of the Bat

1 Batman: Castle of the Bat

In de reeks Catwoman (DC)

A2 Lifelines, Part 2: Blast from the Past!
A25 The Crooked House
A31 Contagion, Part 5: Flesh and Fire
A36 Legacy, Part 2: The Best of Enemies
A90 Officer Down, Part 4: Smoking Gun
B51 Backward Masking, Part 2
B69 Life During Wartime
B72 Crime Pays, Part 1
B79 The Long Road Home, Part 2
INT B7 Catwoman Dies
INT B9 The Long Road Home
C3 No One Can Find Any Piece of Me Here

In de reeks Batgirl

3 Hard to Remember Now... How Tonight Started Out
4 She Was Perfect
29 Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, Part 13
42 Death In a Battle
45 Soul
48 Human Resources
49 Down Among the Dead Men
60 The Hood, Part 1: Deep Digs
INT 1 Silent Running
INT 5 Kicking assassins
A1 Redemption Road, Part 1: Square One
A3 Redemption Road, Part 3: Daughters
INT A1 Redemption
B2 Batgirl Rising: Point of New Origin, Part 2
B17 The Lesson: Frogs, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails...
INT B1 Batgirl Rising
INT B3 The Lesson
C9 In the Line of Fire

In de reeks Batman: Knightfall

A1 Knightfall
A2 Knightquest

In de reeks Grant Morrison présente Batman

1 L'héritage maudit
2 Batman R.I.P.

In de reeks Tales of the Batman - Gene Colan

1 Volume 1

In de reeks Batman: Turning Points

3 Haunted

In de reeks Batman: Jaar een

1 Batman: Jaar een

In de reeks Batman: Night of the Owls

1 Batman: Night of the Owls

In de reeks Batman: Jekyll & Hyde

1 The Strange Case of Batman
2 Two Faces of Fear!
3 Death x Two
4 Burning Hatred
5 All Fired Up!
6 Two Sides of the Same Coin!

In de reeks Batman: Noël

1 Batman: Noël

In de reeks Batman: The Chalice

1 Batman: The Chalice

In de reeks Batman: Jekyll & Hyde (Lion)

1 Batman: Jekyll & Hyde

In de reeks All-Star Western

B22 Welcome to the Asylum

In de reeks La cible de Deadshot

1 La cible de Deadshot

In de reeks Batman: Year Two (Lion)

1 Batman: Jaar twee

In de reeks Batman: De zwarte spiegel

1 Batman: De zwarte spiegel

In de reeks Batman: No Man's Land

INT 1 Volume One
INT 2 Volume Two
INT 5 Volume Five
INT A1 Volume 1
INT A2 Volume 2
INT A4 Volume 4

In de reeks The Joker: Death of the Family

1 The Joker: Death of the Family

In de reeks Batman: De cultus

1 Batman: De cultus

In de reeks Batman: Under the Red Hood

1 Boek 1
2 Boek 2

In de reeks Batman (Lion)

1 Het hof der uilen
2 Nacht der uilen
3 Dood van de familie

In de reeks Batman & Robin (Lion)

1 Geboren moordenaar
2 Parel
3 Dood van de familie

In de reeks Batman: Het zwaard van Azrael

1 Het zwaard van Azrael

In de reeks Batman: Earth One

1 Boek 1
2 Boek 2

In de reeks Showcase '93

8 Two-Face - Batman - Deadshot - Fire & Ice

In de reeks Batman Incorporated (Lion)

1 Duivelsster
2 Gothams Most Wanted

In de reeks Batman Incorporated

A4 Kill Box
A6 Garland of Skulls
A7 Belly of the Whale
A9 Fallen Son
A13 The Dark Knight and the Devil's Daughter

In de reeks Batman: Run, Riddler, Run

1 The Road to Hell
2 Paved
3 ...With Good Intentions

In de reeks Legends of the Dark Knight

1 Issue #1
INT 1 Volume 1
INT 4 Volume 4

In de reeks Batman: Cataclysm

1 Batman: Cataclysme
1a Batman: Cataclysm

In de reeks Batman: Europa

1 Berlin

In de reeks Azrael

10 Underworld Unleashed: Arena
11 Azrael Rising, Part 1
16 Contagion, Part 10
23 Angel in Hiding, Part 3
29 Angel Errant, Part 1: The Descent
30 Angel Errant, Part 2: The Descent
31 Angel and the Monster Maker, Part 1: Vampire!
36 Azrael and Bane: If he Screws Up This Time...
39 Angel and the Bane, Finale: Finally, to Vanquish
A14 Three Mysteries, Part 1: A Dream Within a Dream

In de reeks Azrael: Agent of the Bat

49 Road to No Man's Land: Gotham City Must Die!
90 Denial
95 The Azraelites
98 Combat
100 Full Circle

In de reeks Batman Allies Secret Files and Origins

1 Issue #1

In de reeks Batman - Detective Comics (Lion)

4 Wrath

In de reeks Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

1 Knights in a Half Shell
2 Last Turtle Standing

In de reeks Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight

1 Shaman, Book 1
2 Shaman, Book 2
3 Shaman, Book 3
4 Shaman, Book 4
5 Shaman, Book 5
6 Gothic, Part 1
7 Gothic, Part 2
8 Gothic, Part 3
9 Gothic, Part 4
10 Gothic, Part 5
13 Prey, Part 3: Night Scourge
14 Prey, Part 4: The Nightmare
15 Prey, Conclusion: The Kill
16 Venom, Part 1
17 Venom, Part 2
18 Venom, Part 3
19 Venom, Part 4
20 Venom, Part 5
21 Faith, Part 1
22 Faith, Part 2
23 Faith, Part 3
24 Flyer, Part 1
25 Flyer, Part 2
28 Faces, Part 1
29 Faces, Part 2
30 Faces, Part 3
31 Family
33 Blades, Part 2
34 Blades, Part 3
43 Hothouse, Part 2
46 Heat, Part 1
47 Heat, Part 2
48 Heat, Part 3
50 Images
52 Tao, Part 1: Bat
55 Watchtower, Part 1
57 Watchtower, Part 3
59 Knightquest: The Search: Quarry, Part 1
60 Knightquest: The Search: Quarry, Part 2
61 Knightquest: The Search: Quarry, Part 3
76 The Sleeping, Part 1
77 The Sleeping, Part 2
78 The Sleeping, Part 3
79 Favorite Things
80 Idols, Part 1
81 Idols, Part 2
82 Idols, Part 3
83 Infected, Part 1
84 Infected, Part 2
86 Conspiracy, Part 1
87 Conspiracy, Part 2
88 Conspiracy, Part 3
89 Clay, Part 1
90 Clay, Part 2
95 Dirty Tricks, Part 1
100 The Choice
107 Stalking, Part 1
108 Stalking, Part 2
109 Primal Riddle, Part 1: Nasty, Brutish and Short!
110 Primal Riddle, Part 2: Perhaps Only Riddle That We Shrink From Giving Up!
111 Primal Riddle, Part 3: A Dumpster of Cherees
115 The Darkness
118 No Man's Land: Balance
119 No Man's Land: Claim Jumping, Part 1
126 No Man's Land: Endgame, Part 1: Silent Night
128 The Arrow and the Bat, Part 2: Safed
129 The Arrow and the Bat, Part 3: The Failure
130 The Arrow and the Bat, Part 4: Pursued
131 The Arrow and the Bat, Part 5: Epiphany
132 Siege, Part 1: Assembly
133 Siege, Part 2: Assault
134 Siege, Part 3: Breach
135 Siege, Part 4: Battle
136 Siege, Part 5: Defense
140 Terror, Part 4: Horror House
143 The Demon Laughs, Part 2: Running Wild
144 The Demon Laughs, Part 3: The March Hare
147 Bad, Part 2
149 Grimm, Part 1: I Encounter a Strange Girl
150 Grimm, Part 2: My Adventures Underground
154 Colossus, Part 1
155 Colossus, Part 2
156 Blink, Part 1
159 Loyalties, Book 1
160 Loyalties, Book 2
161 Loyalties, Book 3
170 Irresistable, Part 2
171 Irresistable, Part 3
172 Testament: City of Fools
173 Testament: Betrayal Of Brothers
174 Testament: The Hunted
175 Testament: Vulnerable
176 Testament: Shadow War
178 Lost Cargo, Part 2
190 Cold Snap, Part 1
191 Cold Snap, Part 2
192 Snow, Part 1: Drift
193 Snow, Part 2: Bound
194 Snow, Part 3: Blind
196 Snow, Part 5: Storm
197 Blaze of Glory: The Spark
198 Blaze of Glory: The Fuse
201 Cold Case, Part 1: True Crime
202 Cold Case, Part 2: Confidentiality
203 Cold Case, Part 3: Legacies
204 The Madmen of Gotham, Part 1
205 The Madmen of Gotham, Part 2
206 The Madmen of Gotham, Part 3
207 Darker Than Death, Part 1
208 Darker Than Death, Part 2
209 Darker Than Death, Part 3
210 Darker Than Death, Part 4
211 Darker Than Death, Part 5
213 Otaku
214 Superstitious and Cowardly
INT 4 Batman: Venom
INT 5 Faces
INT 10 Snow
INT 12 Gong Sane
INT 13 Blink
*AN2 Vows
*AN4 Citizen Wayne
*AN5 Wings

In de reeks Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special

1 Choices
2 Madness
3 Ghosts

In de reeks Absolute Batman: Haunted Knight

1 Absolute Batman: Haunted Knight

In de reeks Deadshot

INT A1 Bulletproof

In de reeks The Batman of Arkham

1 The Batman of Arkham

In de reeks Batman: Hollywood Knight

1 Tinsel Town Terror
2 A Devil in the City of Angels
3 Reel Trouble

In de reeks Batman: In Darkest Knight

1 In Darkest Knight

In de reeks Batman: The Order of Beasts

1 The Order of Beasts

In de reeks Batman: Two Faces

1 Two Faces

In de reeks JLA: Another Nail

1 Issue #1
INT 1 Another Nail

In de reeks The Batman Chronicles

4 Issue #4
5 Issue #5
6 Issue #6
7 Issue #7
8 Issue #8
11 Issue #11
14 Aftershock
16 No Man's Land
19 Issue #19
20 Issue #20
21 Issue #21
23 Issue #23

In de reeks Batman: The Dark Knight

A0 Chill in the Air
A1 Knight Terrors
A2 A Rush of Blood
A3 Catch Me If You Can
A4 Welcome to the Jungle
A8 The Madness
A10 Hollow Man
A11 Cycle of Violence
A15 Cross to Bear
A16 Touch of Crazy
A17 Sweet Obsession
A18 Devil's Bargain
A19 Pool of Tears
A21 Mad
A22 Breaking Point
A23 Rampant
A25 Full House
A27 Angel of Darkness
A28 Corporate Raider
A29 In the Shadow
A AN1 Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

In de reeks Batman Special

1 The Player on the Other Side

In de reeks The Brave and the Bold

171 A Cannon For Batman

In de reeks Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves

1 Seize The Night
INT 1 Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves

In de reeks Birds of Prey

4 The Ravens Strike
5 Monster
6 Time's Rainbow
21 The Hunt for Oracle, Part 4: The Deep
22 The Hostage Heart, Part 1
27 Officer Down, Part 3: Armed and Dangerous
INT 2 Old Friends, New Enemies

In de reeks Batman and Robin

A25 The Big Burn: Sparks
A1 Born to Kill
A2 Bad Blood
A8 Born to Kill: Black Dawn
A24 The Big Burn: First Strike
A26 The Big Burn: Ignition
A27 The Big Burn: Ablaze
A28 The Big Burn: Inferno
A29 Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
A33 Cold Justice
A34 Ties That Bind
A37 Black Hole Son
A38 Superpower - Fly Robin Fly
A40 Superpower - The Dynamic Duo
INT A5 The Big Burn
INT A6 The Hunt for Robin
INT A7 Robin Rises
A AN1 Batman Impossible
A AN2 Week One
A AN3 Moonshot

In de reeks Robin Rises: Alpha

1 Alpha

In de reeks Gotham Nights

A2 The Lessons of Life

In de reeks Batman: Haunted Knight (Lion)

1 Batman: Haunted Knight

In de reeks Lex Luthor: Man of Steel

2 Issue #2
3 Issue #3

In de reeks Batman: Contagion

1 Batman: Contagion
INT 1A Batman: Contagion

In de reeks Batman: Family

1 Perception
8 Blackout

In de reeks Damian: Son of Batman

3 If Animals Could Talk
INT 1 Damian: Son of Batman

In de reeks Deadshot: Beginnings

1 Deadshot: Beginnings

In de reeks Batman: Rebirth

1 Issue #1

In de reeks Deathstroke, the Terminator

7 City of Assassins, Part 2: The Rival
8 City of Assassins, Part 3: The Allies
9 City of Assassins, Part 4: The Resurrection
INT A1 Assassins

In de reeks The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade

1 Issue #1

In de reeks Batwing

20 Welcome to the Family
29 Going Down to the Underground
INT 4 Welcome to the Family
INT 5 Into the Dark

In de reeks Secret Origins

B4 Issue #4
B5 Issue #5

In de reeks Red Hood and the Outlaws

17 Don't Let the Door Hit You on Your Way Out!
18 Last Dance. Last Chance.. for Death!
INT 3 Death of the Family

In de reeks Dark Night: A True Batman Story

1 Dark Night: A True Batman Story

In de reeks Booster Gold

A11 Vicious Cycle, Part 1
A12 Vicious Cycle, Part 2
A25 Day of Death, Aftermath
INT A3 Reality Lost
INT A4 Day of Death

In de reeks Batman Noir: The Killing Joke

1 Batman Noir: The Killing Joke

In de reeks All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder

1 Episode 1
2 Episode 2
4 Episode 4
8 Episode 8

In de reeks Batman: Gotham Knights

1 Goth
3 Samsara, Part 1: Bad Karma
4 Samsara, Part 2: Letting Go
10 Transference, Part 3
11 Transference, Part 4
12 Damages
16 Matatoa, Part 1
17 Matatoa, Part 2
18 Cavernous
20 Retribution, Part 1: Sons and Lovers
25 Bruce Wayne: Murderer? Part 4
26 Bruce Wayne: Murderer? Part 10: Innocent Until
27 Murderer? Positive I.D.
32 24/7
33 Tabula Rasa Prologue: "The Devil You Know ...
34 The New Dynamic Duo?
35 Tabula Rasa, Part 2: Pain and Ink
38 Knight Moves, Part 1: The Queen is Dead
39 Knight Moves, Part 2: Castling
40 Knight Moves, Part 3: Checkmate
42 20 Days Less One
43 Knights Passed, Part 1: Batgirl & Robin
44 Knights Passed, Part 2: Body of Evidence
45 Knights Passed, Part 3: Fathers and Sons
46 Scared Straight
57 War Games, Act 2, Part 4: The Light at the End of the Tunnel
60 The Games People Play
62 Human Nature, Part 2
63 Human Nature, Part 3
64 Human Nature, Part 4
67 The Life of Riley
68 The Shape of Things to Come, Part 1
69 The Shape of Things to Come, Part 2
70 The Shape of Things to Come, Part 3
71 The Shape of Things to Come, Part 4
72 The Letter
74 Payback, Part 2

In de reeks Nightwing

C5 Night of the Monster Men, Part 2

In de reeks Robin (DC Comics)

1 Big Bad World
INT 1 A Hero Reborn
A20 The Empire Strikes Out
A21 Shadows
A23 Underworld Unleashed: Buggin
A24 Underworld Unleashed: Insects and Violence
A27 Contagion, Part 3: Natural Born Healer
A28 Contagion, Part 11: Bitter Dregs
A30 Iliads and Oddities
A36 War Toy Story
A37 Who Dies With the Most Toys...
A38 Watchin' the Detectives
A39 Gotaway Gone
A42 Crock Around the Clock
A45 Grounded!
A47 Warchild, Part 1: The Prepubescent and the Dead
A50 Faster, Faster!
A56 Love Stinks
A59 Brutality 101
A71 No Man's Land: The Lizard King
A72 No Man's Land: Last Stand on Grand Ave
A73 No Man's Land: The World Around the Corner
A74 The Worst is Yet to Come!
A78 Three Deaths for Arrakhat, Part 1: Thrice Doomed
A80 The Girls
A81 The Obtuse Conundrum
A82 The New Kid
A87 Secrets Revealed
A88 Secrets & Lies
A89 A Serpent in Paradise
A90 Shark Bite
A92 A Leap of Faith
A93 Close to Home
A94 A Question of Timing
A95 Joker: Last Laugh: Book of the Dead
A98 Bruce Wayne: Murderer?, Part 6: The Thin Line
A99 Bruce Wayne: Murderer?, Part 11: Where the Road Ends
A100 The Price of Justice
A117 Broken Futures
A118 Sniped
A119 Time Won't Tell
A120 A Boy and His Mask...
A121 Johnny Got His Gun
A122 Bad to the Bone
A123 Nemesis
A124 Good Parenting
A125 In The Shadow of Two Fathers
A126 A Life More Ordinary
A128 Fired!
A148 Robin, Boy Wanted, Part 1:: Out Go the Lights
A154 Ransom Demands
A155 Teenage Wasteland
A157 Things That Go Bump in the Night
A162 Paid in Full
A163 Twelve Very Angry Men
A168 The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul, Part One: A Boy for the Demon
A171 The Odds Against
A174 The Three
A178 Search for a Hero, Part 2: Life During Wartime
A179 Search for a Hero, Part 3: Chaos in a Bottle
A180 Search for a Hero, Part 4: Gray Knights
A181 Search for a Hero, Part 5: Pushing Buttons, Pulling Strings
A182 Search for a Hero, Part 6: Lost & Found
A AN1 The Anarky Ultimatum
A AN4 The Flying Graysons
A AN6 The Law West of Gotham
A AN7 Annual 7

In de reeks Robin II (DC Comics)

1 The Funniest Thing Happened...
2 Tomorrow a Tragedy
3 ...A Comedy Tonight!!
4 Chill Factor
INT 1 Tragedy & Triumph

In de reeks Robin III: Cry of the Huntress

4 Fall from Grace
5 Circle of Darkness

In de reeks Robin - Bundelingen (DC Comics)

1 Reborn
2 Triumphant
3 Solo

In de reeks Blood of the Demon

3 Friends and Enemies

In de reeks Batman: Bride of the Demon

1 Bride of the Demon

In de reeks Batman: Birth of the Demon

1 Birth of the Demon
A1 Birth of the Demon

In de reeks DC Special Series

15 Batman Spectacular

In de reeks Starman

9 Blockbuster!

In de reeks Green Arrow

A101 Run of the Arrow

In de reeks Batman: The Dark Knight (Lion)

A1 Angsten
A2 Cyclus van geweld
A3 Gek
A4 Klei

In de reeks Batman by Brian K. Vaughan

1 Batman by Brian K. Vaughan

In de reeks Batman: The Dark Prince Charming

1 Deel 1

In de reeks Batman/Shadow

2 Batman/Shadow, Part 2
3 Batman/Shadow, Part 3
5 Batman/Shadow, Part 5
INT 1 The Murder Geniuses

In de reeks All Star Batman

1 My Own Worst Enemy, Part 1
2 My Own Worst Enemy, Part 2
3 My Own Worst Enemy, Part 3
5 My Own Worst Enemy, Part 5
7 Ends of the Earth, Part 2
9 Ends of the Earth, Finale
10 The First Ally, Part 1
11 The First Ally, Part 2
12 The First Ally, Part 3
13 The First Ally, Part 4
14 The First Ally, Final

In de reeks Batman: The Murder Machine

1 Batman: The Murder Machine

In de reeks Batman: Europa (Lion)

1 Batman: Europa

In de reeks Superman

467 Dark Knight over Metropolis, Part 2: Taken to the Grave
C10 In the Name of the Father, Part 1: World's Smallest
INT C*1 Book 1

In de reeks Batman Halloween Comic Fest Special Edition

1 Night of the Monster Men, Part 1

In de reeks Absolute Luthor/Joker

1 Absolute Luthor/Joker

In de reeks Batman: Night of the Monster Men

1 Batman: Night of the Monster Men

In de reeks Batman by Ed Brubaker

1 Volume 1
2 Volume 2

In de reeks Batman: The Dark Knight Unwrapped

1 Batman: The Dark Knight Unwrapped

In de reeks Batman Unwrapped: The Court of Owls

1 Batman Unwrapped: The Court of Owls

In de reeks Batman - DC Universum Herboren

1 Ik ben Gotham
2 Ik ben zelfmoord

In de reeks Batman: White Knight

1 Issue #1
2 Issue #2
3 Issue #3
7 Issue #7

In de reeks Batman: Road to No Man's Land

1 Volume One
2 Volume Two

In de reeks The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman

1 Summonings
2 In the Court of the Dé Danann

In de reeks DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros

1 Batman: Silence, 1re partie
2 Batman: Silence, 2e partie
14 Batman: Année un
35 Batman: Un deuil dans la famille
51 Superman: Luthor
61 Batman: Cité brisée
75 Catwoman: La règle du jeu

In de reeks Justice League

B6 State of Fear, Part 1
B8 Outbreak, Part 1
B9 Outbreak, Part 2

In de reeks Justice League - Rebirth (Lion)

2 Uitbraak

In de reeks All-Star Batman - Rebirth (Lion)

2 Uithoeken der aarde
1 Mijn eigen vijand

In de reeks Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Red Hood vs. Anarky

1 In Sickness and in Health

In de reeks Batman: Prelude to the Wedding

1 Batman: Prelude to the Wedding

In de reeks Superman - Rebirth (Lion)

2 Beproevingen van de superzonen

In de reeks Batman

471 Requiem for a Killer
601 Turning the Town Red, Part 1
641 Family Reunion, Conclusion: Face to Face
26 Twenty Ton Robbery!
31 Punch And Judy!
83 The Duplicate Batman!
86 Batman -- Indian Chief!
87 Batman Falls in Love!
92 Ace, the Bat-Hound
101 The Great Bat-Cape Hunt!
105 The Challenge of Batwoman
110 The Phantom Batman
112 Am I Really Batman?
124 The Mystery Seeds from Space
127 The Hammer of Thor!
128 The Interplanetary Batman!
131 The Second Batman and Robin Team!
134 The Rainbow Creature
135 The Menace of the Sky Creature
140 The Eighth Wonder of Space!
141 Batwoman's Junior Partner
145 The Son of the Joker
147 Batman Becomes Bat-Baby
148 The Joker's Greatest Triump
150 Robin, the Super Boy Wonder
151 Batman's New Secret Identity!
152 The False Face Society!
154 The Strange Experiment of Doctor Dorn
155 The Return of the Penguin
156 The Secret of the Ant Man
157 The Hunt for Batman's Identity
159 The Great Clayface-Joker Feud
162 The Batman Creature!
163 The Joker Jury!
176 Batman and Robin's Most Fantastic Foes!
182 The Strange Lives of Batman and Robin
185 Starring Robin The Boy Wonder
188 The Eraser Who Tried to Rub Out Batman!
189 The Fright of the Scarecrow!
191 The Day Batman Sold Out!
193 Ride, Bat-Hombre, Ride!
200 The Man Who Radiated Fear!
201 Batman's Gangland Guardians!
202 Gateway to Death!
205 Blind As a... Bat?
209 Jungle Jeopardy
210 The Case of the Purr-Loined Pearl!
211 Batman's Big Blow-Off!
230 Take-Over of Paradise!
232 Daughter of the Demon
233 The Death-Cheaters of Gotham City!
234 Half an Evil
235 Swamp Sinister
236 Wail of the Ghost Bride!
247 Merry Christmas... And a Deadly New Year!
248 Death-Knell for a Traitor!
249 The Citadel of Crime
250 The Deadly Numbers Game!
252 The Spook's Master Stroke!
253 Who Knows What Evil --?
254 King of the Gotham Jungle!
255 Moon of the Wolf!
256 The Catwoman's Circus Caper
257 Hail Emperor Penguin!
259 The Night of the Shadow!
260 This One'll Kill You, Batman!
261 The Mystery That Never Was!
263 Riddler on the Move
264 Death of a Daredevil
266 The Curious Case of the Catwoman's Coincidences!
267 Invitation To a Murder!
268 Murder Masquerade!
270 The Menace of the Fiery Heads!
271 The Corpse Came C.O.D.!
272 The Underworld Olympics '76!
273 The Bank-Shot That Baffled Batman
275 The Ferry Blows at Midnight!
276 The Haunting of the Spook!
277 The Riddle of the Man Who Walked Backwards!
278 Stop Me Before I Kill Batman
279 Riddler on the Rampage
280 The Only Crime In Town!
283 Omega Bomb Target: Gotham City
284 If There Were No Batman...
285 The Mystery of Christmas Lost!
287 Batman-Ex -- As in Extinct!
288 The Little Men's Hall of Fame!
289 Sign of the Skull
290 Skull Dugger's Killjoy Capers!
297 The Mad Hatter Goes Straight!
298 The Case of the Crimson Coffin!
300 The Last Batman Story...?
301 The Only Man Batman Ever Killed!
302 The Attack of the Wire-Head Killers
303 Batman's Great Identity Switch!
304 To Hell With Batman - and Back
305 Death-Gamble of a Darknight Detective!
306 Night of Siege
307 Dark Messenger of Mercy!
310 The Ghost Who Haunted Batman
312 A Caper a Day Keeps the Batman At Bay
315 Danger on the Wing!
317 The 1,001 Clue Caper Or Why Did The Riddler Cross The Road
319 Never Give Up the Ghost!
320 The Curse of the Inquisitor!
321 Dreadful Birthday, Dear Joker...!
322 Chaos - Coming and Going!
323 Shadow of the Cat!
325 Death - Twenty Stories High
326 This Way Lies Madness!
327 Asylum Sinister!
328 Double Jeopardy
329 Twice Dies the Batman!
330 Target!
331 Closed Circuit!
335 Ashes To Ashes!
336 While the Bat's Away ...
337 Where Walks a Snowman
339 A Sweet Kiss of Poison...
342 Requiem for a Hero
344 Monster My Sweet!
346 Half a Hero
347 The Shadow of the Batman
351 What Stalks the Gotham Night?
352 The Killer Sky!
353 Last Laugh
354 Showdown
355 Never Scratch a Cat
356 The Double Life of Hugo Strange
361 The Most Successful Species!
363 Elegant Night Crimes
364 The Man of a Thousand Menaces
368 A Revenge of Rainbows
369 Target Practice
371 Nine Cradles of Death
372 What Price, the Prize?
373 The Frequency of Fear
374 Pieces of Penguin!
375 The Glacier under Gotham!
376 Nightmares, Inc.
382 The Vengeance Spiral
385 Day of Doom
387 Ebon Masquery
388 The Round-Trip Looking Glass!
400 Resurrection Night!
401 A Bird in the Hand ...
402 There's Nothing So Savage .... As a Man Destroying Himself!
403 One Batman Too Many!
404 Year One, Part 1: Who I Am, How I Come to Be
407 Year One, Part 4: Friend in Need
408 Did Robin Die Tonight?
410 Two of a Kind
411 Second Chance
412 The Sound of Silence
413 The Ghost of Masahiko Tahara
414 Victims!
415 Millennium
416 White Gold and Truth
418 Ten Nights of the Beast, Part 2
420 Ten Nights of the Beast, Part 4
423 You Shoulda Seen Him ...
425 Consequences
426 A Death in the Family, Book 1
427 A Death in the Family, Book 2
428 A Death in the Family, Book 3
431 The Wall
433 The Many Deaths of Batman, Chapter 1
435 The Many Deaths of Batman, Chapter 3
436 Batman: Year Three, Part 1: Different Roads
437 Batman: Year Three, Part 2: Changes Made
438 Batman: Year Three, Part 3: Turnabout
439 Batman: Year Three, Part 4: Resolutions
440 A Lonely Place of Dying, Chapter 1: Suspects
441 A Lonely Place of Dying, Chapter 3: Parallel Lines!
442 A Lonely Place of Dying, Chapter 5: Rebirth
443 The Coming of Crimesmith
445 When the Earth Dies!, Chapter 1: Red Square! Bloody Square!
446 When the Earth Dies, Chapter 2: Underworlds
448 The Penguin Affair, Part 1: Pawns
449 The Penguin Affair, Part 3: Winged Vengeance
450 Wildcard!
451 Judgements
452 Dark Knight, Dark City, Part 1
454 Dark Knight, Dark City, Part 3
455 Identity Crisis, Part 1
456 Identity Crisis, Part 2: Without Fear of Consequence...
459 Saturday Night at the Movies
462 Spirit of the Beast, Part 1: To Live and Die in California
465 Debut
467 Shadow Box, Part 1
468 Shadow Box, Part 2
469 Shadow Box, Part 3
472 The Idiot Root, Part 1: The Queen of Hearts
480 To the Father I Never Knew...
481 Messenger of Zeus
482 Vengeance of the Harpy
484 Warpaint
486 Heavy Metalhead
487 Box of Blood
488 Costumes
489 Killer's Bane
490 Who Riddled the Riddler?
494 Knightfall, Part 5: Night Terrors
495 Knightfall, Part 7: Strange Bedfellows
496 Knightfall, Part 9: Die Laughing
497 Knightfall, Part 11: The Broken Bat
498 Knightfall, Part 15: Knights in Darkness
499 Knightfall, Part 17: The Venom Connection
500 Knightfall, Part 19: Dark Angel
506 Malevolent Maniaxe
512 Prodigal, Part 1: Robin and Batman
521 Killer Croc: Fast Train to the Wet Dark
523 Scarecrow, Part 1: Dark Wings Fly Away in Fear
525 Frozen Assets
526 Constant Whitewater
527 Two-Face, Part 1:The Face Schism
531 The Deadman Connection, Part 2: Cult of the Mummy
532 The Deadman Connection, Part 3: The Spirit Thieves
533 Legacy, Prelude: Twelve Steps to the Heart of Hell
535 The Ogre and the Ape
536 Darkest Night of the Man-Bat, Part 1: Predation
537 Darkest Night of the Man-Bat, Part 2: Pursuit
539 Boneyard Blues
540 The Spectre of Vengeance, Part 1: Gotham Welcome
541 The Spectre of Vengeance, Part 2: Mask of Guilt
542 Faceless, Part 1: Murdicide
543 Faceless, Part 2: Postmarked: Murder
544 Major Arcana, Part 1: Jokin' with Mister D.
545 Major Arcana, Part 2: Night of the Dying Jokers
547 Dark Genesis
549 The Penguin Returns, Part 2: The Egyptian Falcon
553 Cataclysm, Part 3: Lifelines
554 Cataclysm, Part 12: Master of Destruction
556 Help, Trapped, Money, Rescue, Ruins
558 Dying City
560 Bruce Wayne Goes To Washington, Part 1: The Jackals
561 Bruce Wayne Goes To Washington, Part 2: The Witness
562 Bruce Wayne Goes to Washington, Part 3: The Devil His Due!
563 No Law and a New Order, Part 3: Tactics
577 Mike and Allie
580 Orca, Part 2: Going Under
581 Orca, Part 3: Diver Down
582 Fearless, Part 1
589 Close Before Striking, Act 2
591 Shot Through the Heart, Part 1
592 Shot Through the Heart, Part 2
599 Bruce Wayne: Murderer?, Part 7: From the Inside-Out
600 600th Issue!
605 Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, Part 18
606 Death-Wish for Two, Part 1
607 Death-Wish for Two, Conclusion
609 Hush, Chapter 2: The Friend
610 Hush, Chapter 3: The Beast
611 Hush, Chapter 4: The City
613 Hush, Chapter 6: The Opera
615 Hush, Chapter 8: The Dead
616 Hush, Chapter 9: The Assassins
619 Hush, Chapter 12: The End
625 Broken City, Conclusion
626 As the Crow Flies, Part 1: Visions
629 As the Crow Flies, Part 4: Shotgun
630 As the Crow Flies, Part 5: Home Invasion
633 War Games, Act 3, Part 8: No Going Back
634 War Games, Epilogue: Decompression
635 Under the Hood, Part 1: New Business
643 War Crimes, Part 2: Minor Discrepancies
644 War Crimes, Part 4: Judgment At Gotham
645 Show Me Yesterday, For I Can't Find Today
647 Franchise, Part 2: The Away Team
648 All They Do is Watch Us Kill, Part 1
654 Face the Face, Conclusion
655 Batman & Son, Part 1: Building a Better Batmobile
656 Batman & Son, Part 2: Man-Bats of London
657 Batman & Son, Part 3: Wonderboys
658 Batman & Son, Part 4: Absent Fathers
662 Grotesk, Conclusion
663 The Clown at Midnight
665 The Black Casebook
672 Space Medicine
673 Joe Chill in Hell
674 Batman Dies at Dawn
676 Midnight in the House of Hurt
699 Riddle Me This, Part 2: A Means to an End
704 Eye of the Beholder, Part 1: Hear No Evil
705 Eye of the Beholder, Part 2: See No Evil
706 Eye of the Beholder, Part 3: Speak No Evil
712 Pieces, Part 3: Gilded Lily
INT 2 A Death in the Family
INT 3 The Many Deaths of Batman
INT 5 Hush, Volume 1
INT 6 Hush, Volume 2
INT 8 As the Crow Flies
INT 15 Long Shadows
INT 17 Time and the Batman
INT 18 Eye of the Beholder
INT A1 A Death in the Family
INT A2 Under the Red Hood
INT A13 The Black Glove
A2 Trust Fall
A4 Face the Court
A5 Face the Court
A8 Attack on Wayne Manor
A27 Dark City, Part 4
A30 Savage City, Part 1
A35 Batman: Endgame, Part 1
A36 Batman: Endgame, Part 2
A37 Batman: Endgame, Part 3
A39 Batman: Endgame, Part 5
A43 Superheavy, Part 3
A44 A Simple Case
A48 Superheavy, Part 8
A49 Superheavy, Part 9
A51 Gotham Is
A52 The List
INT A5 Zero Year - Dark City
INT A8 Superheavy
INT A9 Bloom
INT A10 Epilogue
A AN4 Madhouse
B1 I Am Gotham, Part 1
B2 I Am Gotham, Part 2
B3 I Am Gotham, Part 3
B4 I Am Gotham, Part 4
B5 I Am Gotham, Part 5
B6 I Am Gotham, Epilogue
B8 Night of the Monster Men, Part 4
B9 I Am Suicide, Part 1
B29 The War of Jokes & Riddles, Part 4
B33 The Rules of Engagement, Part 1
B44 Bride or Burglar
B46 The Gift, Part 2
B50 The Wedding of Batman & Catwoman
B53 Cold Days, Part 3
B54 The Better Man
B55 Beasts of Burden, Part 1
B56 Beasts of Burden, Part 2
B58 The Tyrant Wing, Part 1
B60 The Tyrant Wing, Part 3
B61 Knightmares, Part 1: Suddenly Indeed
B63 Knightmares, Part 3: Smoke and Mirrors
INT B4 The War of Jokes and Riddles
INT B5 The Rules of Engagement
INT B6 Bride or Burglar?
INT B7 The Wedding
INT B8 Cold Days
B AN3 Father's Day
INT B*1 Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1
INT B*2 Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 2
INT B*3 Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 3

In de reeks Batman Secret Files

1 Issue #1

In de reeks Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City

1 Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City

In de reeks Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album

1 Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album

In de reeks Detective Comics

INT B1 Batman - Detective Comics: Rise of the Batmen
485 The Vengeance Vow!
489 Creatures of the Night
518 The Millionaire Contract
575 Batman: Year Two, Part 1, Chapter 1: Fear the Reaper
576 Batman: Year Two, Part 2, Chapter 2: Deal With the Devil
577 Batman: Year Two, Part 3, Chapter 3: Deadly Allies
578 Batman: Year Two, Part 4, Chapter 4: ...So Shall Ye Reap...
618 Rite of Passage, Part 1: Shadow on the Sun
619 Rite of Passage, Part 2: Beyond Belief!
620 Rite of Passage, Part 3: Make Me a Hero
661 Knightfall, Part 6: City on Fire
662 Knightfall, Part 8: Burning Questions
666 Knightfall, Part 18: The Devil You Know
678 Yesterdays Gone
871 The Black Mirror, Part 1
873 The Black Mirror, Part 3
*AN7 Leatherwing
A1 Issue #1
A4 The Main Event
A7 The Snake and the Hawk
A24 State of Shock
A26 Crown of Fear
A27 Issue #27
A30 Icarus, Part 1
A31 Icarus, Part 2
A32 Icarus, Part 3
A33 Icarus, Part 4
A34 Icarus, Conclusion
A35 Terminal, Part 1
A36 Terminal, Part 2
A37 Anarky, Part 1
A38 Anarky, Part 2
A39 Anarky, Part 3
A40 Anarky, Conclusion
A45 Of Giants and Men
INT A6 Icarus
INT A7 Anarky
INT A8 Blood of Heroes
B934 Rise of the Batmen, Part 1: The Young and the Brave
B939 Rise of the Batmen, Part 6: The Thin Red Line
B940 Rise of the Batmen, Part 7: The Red Badge of Courage
B941 Night of the Monster Men, Part 3
B958 Intelligence, Part 1
B965 A Lonely Place of Living, Part 1
B967 A Lonely Place of Living, Part 3
B975 The Trial of Batwoman
B981 Batmen Eternal, Finale
B983 On the Outside, Part 1
B984 On the Outside, Part 2
B985 On the Outside, Part 3
B987 On the Outside, Part 5
B988 Deface the Face, Part 1: Solitary Man
B989 Deface the Face, Part 2: An Optimistic Man
B992 Deface the Face, Part 5: A Fighting Man
B993 Face the Face, Finale: A Dead Man
B995 Mythology: Ring Them Bells
B996 Mythology: See Paris and Die!
B999 Mythology: The Price You Pay
INT B4 Batman - Detective Comics: Deus Ex Machina
INT B5 Batman - Detective Comics: A Lonely Place of Living
INT B7 Batman - Detective Comics: Batman Eternal
INT B8 Batman - Detective Comics: On the Outside

In de reeks Batman: Prelude to Knightfall

1 Batman: Prelude to Knightfall

In de reeks Batman by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones

1 Volume 1
2 Volume 2

In de reeks Tales of the Batman - Don Newton

1 Volume 1

In de reeks Superman: The Man of Steel

21 Funeral For a Friend, Part 7: Ghosts

In de reeks Superman: World Without a Superman

1 Superman: World Without a Superman

In de reeks The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus

1 The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus

In de reeks The Batman Who Laughs

1 The Laughing House, Part 1
2 The Laughing House, Part 2

In de reeks Batman: Ghosts

1 Batman: Ghosts

In de reeks Batman: Knightfall - 25th Anniversary Edition

1 Volume 1
2 Volume 2

In de reeks Batman: Knightquest - The Crusade

2 Volume 2

In de reeks Batman Confidential

1 Rules of Engagement, Part 1
2 Rules of Engagement, Part 2
4 Rules of Engagement, Part 4
7 Lovers & Madmen, Part 1: It's Funny
8 Lovers & Madmen, Part 2: Peace in Arms
9 Lovers & Madmen, Part 3: Crime's New Face
10 Lovers & Madmen, Part 4
11 Lovers & Madmen, Part 5: This Apparition Come!
13 Wrath Child
14 Wrath Child, Part 2
16 Wrath Child, Conclusion
23 Do You Understand These Rights? Part 2: Anything You Say
25 Do You Understand These Rights? Part 4: ...Be Used Against You
26 A New Dawn, Part 1
35 The Bat and the Beast, Part 5
36 Blackhawk Down, Part 1
40 Ghosts, Part 1
41 Ghosts, Part 2
50 Super Powers, Chapter 1: Parallel
INT 1 Rules of Engagement
INT 2 Lovers & Madmen
INT 3 The Wrath
INT 5 King Tut's Tomb
INT 6 Dead to Rights
INT 9 Super Powers

In de reeks DC Comics - La légende de Batman

2 L'an zéro - 2e partie
5 Mascarade
9 Terreurs nocturnes
11 Le gant noir
12 Batman et les monstres
13 Batman et le monde fou
20 Batman R.I.P.
21 La proie d'Hugo Strange
22 Passé, présent, futur
23 Knightfall: Prologue
24 Knightfall, 1ère partie
25 Knightfall, 2ème partie
26 Batman contre Robin
29 Que meurent Batman et Robin
30 Knightfall, 3ème partie
33 La relève, 1ère partie
34 La relève, 2ème partie
39 Knightquest - 2ème partie
40 Knightquest - 3ème partie