Eclipso (DC)

In de reeks Starman

42 Star Shadows, Part 1: Sun Spots
43 Star Shadows, Part 2: Blue Moon
44 Star Shadows: Part 3: Dark of the Moon
45 Star Shadows: Part 4: Starlight, Star Bright
A59 Stars My Destination, Part 2: The Secret of Will Payton
INT A8 Stars My Destination

In de reeks Catwoman (DC)

C16 Battle In Black
INT C3 Death of the Family

In de reeks JLA: Another Nail

2 Issue #2
3 Issue #3
INT 1 Another Nail

In de reeks JSA: All Stars

A6 Issue #6
A9 Issue #9
INT A1 Constellations
INT A2 Glory Days

In de reeks Secret Six

C7 There's Something at the Door, Darling
C10 Watch a Yellow Sun Fade

In de reeks Hawkman

C23 Black Reign, Part 2
C24 Black Reign, Part 4

In de reeks JSA

46 Princes of Darkness, Part 1: Into the Valley
47 Princes of Darkness, Part 2: Eclipse
48 Princes of Darkness, Part 3: Enlightenment
49 Princes of Darkness, Part 4: Army of Darkness
50 Princes of Darkness, Part 5: The Last Light
52 Brand New Day
56 Black Reign, Part 1
57 Black Reign, Part 3
73 Black Vengeance, Part 1
75 Black Vengeance, Conclusion
INT 7 Princes of Darkness
INT 8 Black Reign
INT 10 Black Vengeance

In de reeks JSA Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom

1 The Kingdom

In de reeks Robin (DC Comics)

A AN1 The Anarky Ultimatum

In de reeks Robin - Bundelingen (DC Comics)

3 Solo

In de reeks Blood of the Demon

6 The Gathering Storm
7 Cages of the Mind

In de reeks Hawkworld

A AN3 Dark Forces

In de reeks Valor

1 Endgame

In de reeks L.E.G.I.O.N.

AN3 Chasing Shadows

In de reeks Green Arrow

A AN5 Angels of Vengeance
B5 Quiver, Chapter 5: The Anatomy Lesson
INT B1 Quiver
INT B A1 Green Arrow by Kevin Smith

In de reeks Action Comics

826 Lightning Strikes Twice, Part 1

In de reeks Superman

639 Lightning Strikes Twice, Part 2
A216 Lightning Strikes Twice, Part 3