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Hank Hall/Hawk

In de reeks Birds of Prey

A5 Two Nights in Bangkok, Part 1: Aftershock
A1 Endrun, Part 1: Without Breaking a Few Eggs
A2 Endrun, Part 2:The Rage of the White Canary
A3 Endrun, Part 3: Whistling Past the Gravestones
A4 Endrun, Part 4: Impact Fracture
A6 Two Nights in Bangkok, Part 2: Heart of Pain, Life of War

In de reeks Hawk and Dove

1 Ghosts and Demons
2 Together Again for the First Time
3 Agents of Chaos...Out of Control
4 Plan of Attack
5 Blood Brothers
INT 1 Hawk and Dove
A1 Gauntlet
A7 Countdown
A8 M.A.C. Attack!
A9 Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
A10 Strange Behavior
A11 Calling in the Cavalry
A12 Mean Machines
A13 Blast from the Past
A14 Prelude to War
A15 Choosing Sides
A16 Forces of Nature
A17 Eve of Destruction!
A18 Madmen on Parade
A19 Madhouse
A20 A Babe in Toyland
A21 Girls' Night Out
A22 And Then You Should Die!
A23 Truth and Justice
A24 The Flame that Burns Twice as Bright!
A25 Divergence
A26 Way Back When...
A27 Crossed Signals
A28 Mad Dogs and Americans
A AN1 Never Say Die!
A AN2 Creating Unity
C1 First Strikes
C2 Party Time
C5 Cages and Crossroads
C7 Hunted!

In de reeks JSA: The Golden Age

1 The Golden Age
4 We Had it All

In de reeks JLA: Another Nail

2 Issue #2
INT 1 Another Nail

In de reeks Birds of Prey: The Ravens

1 S.I.M.O.N. Says Armageddon

In de reeks Secret Six

B36 Caution to the Wind, Part 2: Blood Honor
INT B6 The Darkest House

In de reeks JSA: The Unholy Three

2 Issue #2

In de reeks Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special

1 Red Pawn

In de reeks Suicide Squad

INT 2 The Nightshade Odyssey

In de reeks Booster Gold

16 Fresh Start
17 Dream of Terror

In de reeks The Fury of Firestorm

55 The Stench Of Brimstone
56 Firestorm No More

In de reeks JSA: The Liberty Files

1 The Liberty Files