Abigail Mathilda 'Ma' Hunkel

In de reeks Batman: Gotham Knights

66 Job Termination
INT 1 Batman: Hush Returns

In de reeks JSA: All Stars

A7 Issue #7
INT A2 Glory Days

In de reeks JSA

55 Be Good for Goodness Sake
60 Redemption Lost, Part 1
64 Waking the Sandman, Part 2: Night Terrors
76 In Search of...
82 Ghost in the House
83 Who's Afraid of Ghosts?
84 When the Dead Call
85 The Living Must Answer!
86 Where Highwaymen Rode
87 Ghost in the Castle
INT 7 Princes of Darkness
INT 9 Lost
INT 11 Mixed Signals
INT 12 Ghost Stories

In de reeks JSA Kingdom Come Special: Superman

1 Issue #1