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Riddler/Edward Nigma

In de reeks Batman (Baldakijn)

44 Duistere ridder tegen duistere stad, deel 1+2
45 Duistere ridder tegen duistere stad, deel 3

In de reeks Batman: The Dark Knight

A5 Handful of Dust

In de reeks Batman: Knightfall

3 Knightsend
A1 Knightfall
A3 Knightsend

In de reeks Superman: Camelot Falls

1 Camelot Falls

In de reeks Ed Brubaker presente Catwoman

1 D'entre les ombres...

In de reeks Batman Confidential

20 The Cat and the Bat, Part 4
21 The Cat and the Bat, Conclusion
25 Do You Understand These Rights? Part 4: ...Be Used Against You
26 A New Dawn, Part 1
27 A New Dawn, Part 2
28 A New Dawn, Part 3
INT 4 The Cat and the Bat
INT 6 Dead to Rights

In de reeks Detective Comics

661 Knightfall, Part 6: City on Fire
662 Knightfall, Part 8: Burning Questions

In de reeks Batman: Run, Riddler, Run

1 The Road to Hell
2 Paved
3 ...With Good Intentions

In de reeks Legends of the Dark Knight

1 Issue #1
INT 4 Volume 4

In de reeks Azrael

27 Angel Insane, Part 2: Entry
28 Angel Insane, Part 2: Exit

In de reeks Batgirl: Futures End

1 Darker in the Soul

In de reeks Catwoman (DC)

B1 Anodyne, Part 1
B71 Mother's Day, Part 1
INT B7 Catwoman Dies
B INT1 Trail of the Catwoman
C49 Run Like Hell, Part Three
INT C5 Race of Thieves

In de reeks Catwoman: Futures End

1 The Death of Selina Kyle

In de reeks Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight

53 Tao, Part 2: Dragon
109 Primal Riddle, Part 1: Nasty, Brutish and Short!
110 Primal Riddle, Part 2: Perhaps Only Riddle That We Shrink From Giving Up!
111 Primal Riddle, Part 3: A Dumpster of Cherees
142 The Demon Laughs, Part 1: Exit Screaming
185 Riddle Me That, Part 1
186 Riddle Me That, Part 2
187 Riddle Me That, Part 3
188 Riddle Me That, Part 4
189 Riddle Me That, Conclusion
199 Blaze of Glory: The Fire

In de reeks Absolute Batman: Haunted Knight

1 Absolute Batman: Haunted Knight

In de reeks The Batman Chronicles

3 Issue #3
5 Issue #5

In de reeks Birds of Prey: Black Canary/Batgirl

1 Black Canary/Batgirl

In de reeks Birds of Prey: Catwoman/Oracle

2 Birds of Prey: Catwoman/Oracle

In de reeks Birds of Prey

40 Bruce Wayne: Murderer?, Part 12: Switchback
INT 2 Old Friends, New Enemies
INT A1 Birds of Prey

In de reeks Arkham Asylum: Living Hell

1 Whole in the Head
2 Bits & Pieces
4 Tic Toc

In de reeks Batman: Arkham Reborn

2 Just Desserts
INT 1 Batman: Arkham Reborn

In de reeks Batman: Family

2 Duplicity

In de reeks Secret Six

B8 Double Date
INT B2 Depths
C3 The Nine Levels of Suburbia
C4 Friends In Low Places
C5 Block Party
C6 Whippings and Apologies
INT C1 Friends in Low Places

In de reeks Batman: Gotham Knights

29 The Mortician, Part 2: Zombie Zero
42 20 Days Less One

In de reeks Secret Origins

B5 Issue #5

In de reeks Robin (DC Comics)

INT 1 A Hero Reborn
A8 KnightsEnd, Part 5: Death's Door
A23 Underworld Unleashed: Buggin
A62 Faster Than Anything!
A85 Fool's Errand
A93 Close to Home
A94 A Question of Timing
A119 Time Won't Tell
A AN4 The Flying Graysons

In de reeks Robin - Bundelingen (DC Comics)

1 Reborn

In de reeks DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros

45 Batman: Les patients d'Arkham

In de reeks Batman: The Dark Knight Unwrapped

1 Batman: The Dark Knight Unwrapped

In de reeks Green Arrow

B12 Feast and Fowl
B35 City Walls, Part 2: What's Green and Yellow and Red All Over?
B36 City Walls, Part 3: Captive Audience
B37 City Walls, Part 4: The Devil Inside
B49 New Business, Part 3: Road Trip
B50 All Together Now
B52 Identity Crisis ... Again
INT B2 The Sounds of Violence
INT B5 City Walls
INT B6 Moving Targets
INT B7 Heading into the Light
INT B A1 Green Arrow by Kevin Smith

In de reeks Batman: Road to No Man's Land

2 Volume Two

In de reeks Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Batgirl vs. Riddler

1 For Better or for Worse

In de reeks Batman: Prelude to the Wedding

1 Batman: Prelude to the Wedding

In de reeks Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City

1 Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City

In de reeks Batman: Prelude to Knightfall

1 Batman: Prelude to Knightfall

In de reeks Batman: Knightfall - 25th Anniversary Edition

1 Volume 1

In de reeks DC Comics - La légende de Batman

2 L'an zéro - 2e partie
9 Terreurs nocturnes
24 Knightfall, 1ère partie
25 Knightfall, 2ème partie
33 La relève, 1ère partie
43 Knightsend, 2e partie
58 Un deuil dans la famille

In de reeks Batman

453 Dark Knight, Dark City, Part 2
171 Remarkable Ruse of the Riddler!
179 Sheeesh! The Riddler's Back Again
263 Riddler on the Move
279 Riddler on the Rampage
291 Where Were You on the Night Batman Was Killed?
292 The Testimony of the Riddler!
294 Testimony of the Joker
317 The 1,001 Clue Caper Or Why Did The Riddler Cross The Road
362 When Riddled By the Riddler...
373 The Frequency of Fear
415 Millennium
416 White Gold and Truth
452 Dark Knight, Dark City, Part 1
454 Dark Knight, Dark City, Part 3
456 Identity Crisis, Part 2: Without Fear of Consequence...
490 Who Riddled the Riddler?
497 Knightfall, Part 11: The Broken Bat
561 Bruce Wayne Goes To Washington, Part 2: The Witness
705 Eye of the Beholder, Part 2: See No Evil
706 Eye of the Beholder, Part 3: Speak No Evil
707 Eye of the Beholder, Conclusion: The Evil Within
711 Pieces, Part 2: The Long Way Back
712 Pieces, Part 3: Gilded Lily
INT 18 Eye of the Beholder
A27 Dark City, Part 4
A30 Savage City, Part 1
A31 Savage City, Part 2
A32 Savage City, Part 3: Ark
A33 Savage City, Part 4
INT A5 Zero Year - Dark City
INT A10 Epilogue
A AN4 Madhouse
B87 Their Dark Designs, Part 2