Ninjak (Valiant)

In de reeks Bloodshot (Valiant)

7 The Unkindest Cut of All
28 Rampage, Part Three
29 Rampage, Conclusion

In de reeks Deathmate

3 Yellow

In de reeks X-O Manowar (Valiant)

INT A11 The Kill List
INT A A2 Book Two

In de reeks The Chaos Effect: Alpha

1 Chaos Rules

In de reeks The Chaos Effect: Epilogue

1 In Search of Faith
2 In Search of Faith, Part 2

In de reeks Ninjak (Bliss)

1 L'armurerie

In de reeks Unity

A1 Issue #1
A2 Issue #2
A3 Issue #3
A5 Trapped by Webnet
A6 Issue #6
A7 Ground Control
A8 Snapped!
A9 Issue #9
A10 Issue #10
A11 Issue #11
A12 Issue #12
A13 Issue #13
A14 Issue #14
A15 Issue #15
INT A1 To Kill A King
INT A2 Trapped By Webnet
INT A3 Armor Hunters
INT A4 The United
INT A5 Homefront
INT A7 Revenge of the Armor Hunters

In de reeks Bloodshot Reborn

INT 1 Colorado
INT 3 The Analog Man
INT *1 Bloodshot Reborn

In de reeks Book of Death

INT 1 Book of Death