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Lucy Lane

In de reeks Superman: The Wedding Album

1 The Event of the Century!

In de reeks Superman: That Healing Touch

1 Superman: That Healing Touch

In de reeks Deathstroke, the Terminator

INT A2 Sympathy for the Devil

In de reeks Superman: The Man of Steel

32 Love & Death!

In de reeks Superman: Bizarro's World

1 Superman: Bizarro's World

In de reeks Superman: New Krypton Special

1 New Krypton, Part 1

In de reeks Supergirl

C36 New Krypton, Part 8: Death in the House of El

In de reeks Superman

142 Issue #142
145 Issue #145
149 Issue #149
177 Issue #177
187 Issue #187
194 Issue #194
433 Gangwar, Part 2: A Tragedy in Five Acts
434 Gangwar, Part 3: Shambles
462 Home for the Holidays!
463 Speed Kills
466 The Limits of Power!
472 Clark Kent - Man of Steel!
475 Sleaze Factor
476 Time and Time Again!, Phase 1: The Linear Man!
477 Time and Time Again!, Phase 4: Death Rekindled
478 Moon Rocked
480 Dying Breed
486 Purge
491 A Good Head on Your Shoulders
515 Massacre in Metropolis!
517 Death-Trap!
521 Cold As Ice
524 Where Is Superman?
535 Love and War
537 Creatures on the Loose!
541 Happily Ever After
553 Energy Crisis!
558 Another Typical Day
564 Visions of Death
574 Something Borrowed, Something Blue
576 Y2K, Part 3: AnarchY2Knowledge
579 Pranked!
584 Bachelor Party
587 Metropolis: Hell of a Town
633 That Healing Touch, Part 1
634 That Healing Touch, Part 2: Narrative Interruptus Secondus
A4 Bloodsport!
A17 Cries in the Night
A46 The World of Tomorrow
A50 Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite, Part 4: The Human Factor
A54 Time and Time Again, Phase 3: The Warsaw Ghetto
A68 Sins of the Father
A69 Killing is Serious Business
A70 Raising the Stakes
A92 Earth Run
A115 Love Hurts