Hawkman/Carter Hall

In de reeks Elseworld's Finest

1 Book One

In de reeks Starman

26 Next Year's Model
A62 Grand Guignol, Premiere Partie: ... And What Went Before
A69 Grand Guignol, Neuvieme Partie: Heroes Reborn, Renewed...and Remembered
A76 Talking With David (and Ted)
INT A9 Grand Guignol
INT A10 Sons of the Father
INT A A5 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 5
INT A A6 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 6

In de reeks Ed Brubaker presente Catwoman

4 L'équipée sauvage

In de reeks Catwoman (DC)

B24 Wild Ride, Conclusion: History
B50 Backward Masking, Part 1
B72 Crime Pays, Part 1
INT B7 Catwoman Dies
C19 Slam
INT C4 Gotham Underground

In de reeks JSA: The Golden Age

1 The World Was at Peace
1 The Golden Age
3 We Had Prosperity
4 We Had it All

In de reeks JLA: Another Nail

1 Issue #1
INT 1 Another Nail

In de reeks The Brave and the Bold

164 The Mystery of the Mobile Museum

In de reeks Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day

3 Recessional
INT 1 Graduation Day

In de reeks Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy

1 Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy

In de reeks JSA: All Stars

1 Legacy
2 Flying High
3 Challenging Fate
8 And Justice for All
INT 1 JSA: All Stars
A17 A Better World, Part 1

In de reeks Secret Origins

14 Starring Suicide Squad

In de reeks Suicide Squad

INT 1 Trial by Fire
INT 3 Rogues
AN1 Annual 1
A12 Swan Song

In de reeks Deathstroke

A14 Hawkman: Wanted, Part 3
INT A2 Lobo Hunt

In de reeks Booster Gold

A14 Stars in Your Eyes, Part 2
A22 Day of Death, Part 2
A23 Day of Death, Part 3
A26 Dead Ted, Part 1
INT A4 Day of Death
INT A5 The Tomorrow Memory

In de reeks JSA - Secret Files & Origins

2 Issue #2

In de reeks Hawkman

C23 Black Reign, Part 2
C24 Black Reign, Part 4
C25 Black Reign, Conclusion

In de reeks JSA

4 Ouroboros
23 The Return of Hawkman, Part 1: Ascension
30 Let the Games Begin, Part 2: Fair Play
31 Making Waves
32 Stealing Thunder, Prologue
33 Stealing Thunder, Part 1: Wish Fulfillment
35 Stealing Thunder, Part 3: Lightning Storm
36 Stealing Thunder, Part 4: Time-Bound
37 Stealing Thunder, Part 5: Crossing Over
40 ...Do No Harm
41 The Unborn Hour
44 The Tears of Ra
45 Princes of Darkness, Prologue: Peacemakers
46 Princes of Darkness, Part 1: Into the Valley
47 Princes of Darkness, Part 2: Eclipse
49 Princes of Darkness, Part 4: Army of Darkness
50 Princes of Darkness, Part 5: The Last Light
51 Princes of Darkness, Coda: Justice Eternity
54 Virtue, Vice & Pumpkin Pie
55 Be Good for Goodness Sake
56 Black Reign, Part 1
57 Black Reign, Part 3
58 Black Reign, Part 5
59 Time and Time and Time Again
61 Redemption Lost, Part 2
62 Redemption Lost, Part 3
63 Waking the Sandman, Part 1: Insomnia
65 Out of Time, Part 1
72 JSA/JSA, Conclusion
73 Black Vengeance, Part 1
74 Black Vengeance, Part 2
77 Mixed Signals
86 Where Highwaymen Rode
INT 1 Justice Be Done
INT 3 The Return of Hawkman
INT 4 Fair Play
INT 5 Stealing Thunder
INT 6 Savage Times
INT 7 Princes of Darkness
INT 8 Black Reign
INT 9 Lost
INT 10 Black Vengeance
INT 11 Mixed Signals
INT 12 Ghost Stories

In de reeks JSA Kingdom Come Special: Superman

1 Issue #1

In de reeks JSA Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom

1 The Kingdom

In de reeks Green Arrow/Black Canary

1 Dead Again, Part 1: Here Comes the Bride

In de reeks Green Arrow

B12 Feast and Fowl
B13 The Sounds of Violence, Part 1: Frequency
B16 The Archer's Quest, Part 1: Photograph
B52 Identity Crisis ... Again
INT B2 The Sounds of Violence
INT B3 The Archer's Quest
INT B7 Heading into the Light
INT B A1 Green Arrow by Kevin Smith
D14 Hawkman: Wanted, Part 2: Sky War
INT D2 Triple Threat
INT D3 Harrow

In de reeks The Savage Hawkman

1 Hawkman Rising
2 Wings of Darkness
3 Razing Kane
4 The Savage Hawkman vs. The Black Plague
6 Open Graves
7 Rise of the Dead
8 Strange Bedfellows
14 Hawkman: Wanted, Part 4: Birds of a Feather

In de reeks Hawkworld

A28 Flight's End: Backfire
A29 Flight's End : Into the Flames
A AN1 A Hawkman of Two Worlds

In de reeks JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice

1 Virtue and Vice

In de reeks JSA vs. Kobra

1 Engines of Faith, Part 1: Bad Religion
1 JSA vs. Kobra
3 Engines of Faith, Part 3: Misdirection
4 Engines of Faith, Part 4: Lightning in a Bottle
5 Engines of Faith, Part 5: Beating the Grass
6 Engines of Faith, Part 6: Shedding Skin

In de reeks JSA Strange Adventures

1 It was a Dark and Stormy Night
2 Ray Guns and Bug-Eyed Monsters
3 The Lurker in the Clouds
4 All in Color for a Dime
5 Life of a Madman
6 Thunder and Lightning
INT 1 Strange Adventures

In de reeks Batman Confidential

50 Super Powers, Chapter 1: Parallel
INT 5 King Tut's Tomb
INT 9 Super Powers

In de reeks Superman

252 Issue #252
387 Issue #387
692 Down Time

In de reeks Superman: Up in the Sky

6 Issue #6

In de reeks Supergirl (National Periodical/DC)

5 The Devil's Brother!
8 A Head-Full of Snakes!

In de reeks Batman: Fortress

8 Issue #8
INT 1 Batman: Fortress