Black Dog, Leven met een depressie

1 stemmen Enkel strips met minimaal 10 stemmen krijgen een rangschikking
Scenario Matthew Johnstone
Tekeningen Matthew Johnstone
Uitgever(s) Robinson
Jaar 2008
Pagina's 84
Barcode 9781845297435
Kaft Softcover
Taal Nederlands


Milions of people will suffer from depression at some point in their lives. When the Black Dog arrives it also moves in with their loved ones - who may not have the tool to help and support the sufferer while looking father their own wellbeing.
Living with a Black Dog is Matthew and Ainsley Johnston's must-have guide for the partners, family, friends and colleagues of people suffering from depression. It includes practical advise about recognizing the symptoms and how to manage a Black Dog.
There are useful tips on self-preservation for carers too, so they don't come to adopt a Black Dof of their own
A companion book to the hugely popular "I had a Black Dog", this is a moving, thoughtful and often amusing guide for people supporting someone with depression.

Matthew and Ainsley Johnstone live happily in Sidney with their daughters.

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