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Scenario Brian Wood
Tekeningen Ryan Kelly
Cover Ryan Kelly
Lettering Jared K. Fletcher
Uitgever(s) Minx
Jaar 2008
Pagina's 176
ISBN 9781401211547
Barcode 9781401211547
Kaft Softcover
Taal Engels


"New York City. It awes me into silence sometimes."

Experience Manhattan through the eyes of Riley, a shy, almost reclusive straight-A student who convinces three other college freshmen to join a research group to earn extra money.

As the girls become fast friends, two things complicate what should be the greatest time of Riley's life: connecting with her arty, estranged older sister and having a mysterious online crush on a guy known only as "sneakerfreak".

Will Riley be able to balance new relationships with academics and her stuffy literati parents as the intensity of her secret romance threatens to unravel everything?

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