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This anthology centers on the issues of animal rights and abuse, and features a stellar list of comics talent, including:
Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Starlin, Charles Vess, Trina Robbins, Neil Gaiman, Steve Bissette, Steve Leialoha, Moebius, David Lloyd, George Pratt, Norm Breyfogle, Todd McFarlane, Jon J Muth, Terry Austin, Fred Hembeck, Grant Morrison, Scott Hampton, and many more!

Opmerking inhoud

(Catherine Yronwode)
"Milk & Cheese - diary products gone bad... in experi-mentals" (Evan DOrkin)
(Cam Kennedy)
(Richard Salvucci)
"Cow heaven" (Fred Schiller, Paul Mounts)
(William Messner-Loebs)
Mr. Arrogance (Colin Reed)
(Steve Rude)
"Once upon a time" (Trina Robbins)
"Babycakes" (Neil Gaiman, Michael Zulli, Steve Bissette)
"Natural order" (Steve Leialoha)
"Blooding" (Sarah Byam, Valarie Jones)
"Food for thought" (Diana Shutz, Tim Sale)
"Killer instinct" (Chris Pitzer)
"Excuses, excuses" (Mark Martin)
"A walk in your footsteps" (Jon Bright)
(Charles Vess)
"Strike" (Peter Kuper)
(James Hudnall, Christopher Schenck, Chris Pitzer)
(V. Smith)
(George Pratt)
(Pat Brody)
(Todd McFarlane)
(Evan DOrkin)
"One night at the comic-con party" (Monica Sharp, Dave Garcia)
(Fred Rhoads)
(Jim Berry)
(Cam Kennedy)
(Tyler Borich, Jon J Muth)
"Wilber Wabbit and Filbert Fubb, esquire" (Terry Austin, Fred Hembeck)
"Better living through science" (Grant Morrison, Daniel Vallely)
"Siblings" (Jamie Tolagson, Butch Adams)
(Scott Hampton)
"Nothing to smile about..." (Roberta Gregory)
"Trouble's a-brewin!"(John A. Wilcox, Pete Fitzgerald)
(Jim Starlin)
"No one receiving" (Jim Higgins)
"Dominion" (Grant Morrison, Paul Mounts, Tony Akins)
(David Lloyd)
"Aieeeeee" (Norm Breyfogle)
(Christopher Schenck)
(Max Fellwalker)

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