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Alex Toth
The Art of Will Eisner
Atomic City Tales
Big Baby
Black Cat Crossing
Black Hole
The Building
The Christmas Spirit
City People Notebook
The Collected Omaha the Cat Dancer
The Complete Color Polly & Her Pals
Een contract met god
Doll (Colwell)
De dromer
Dropsie Avenue
Een familiekwestie
Fearless Fosdick
French Ticklers
From Hell
From Inside
Gewelddadige gevallen
Illegal Alien
Kings in Disguise
Krazy & Ignatz
Li'l Abner Dailies
Life on Another Planet The Will Eisner library
Lost Girls (Kitchen Sink)
Madman Adventures
Male call
Mister Snoid
New York, The Big City
Oink: Heaven's Butcher
Omaha the Cat Dancer
De onzichtbare kunst
Outer Space Spirit: 1952
Peepshow: The Cartoon Diary of Joe Matt
The People's Comics
The Spirit (Kitchen Sink)
The Spirit Casebook
The Spirit Color Album
Spirit Jam
Steve Canyon (Kitchen Sink)
Steve Rude Sketchbook
To the Heart of the Storm
The Upturned Stone
Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix)
Will Eisner Sketchbook
Xenozoic Tales
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