Robert E. Brown

Pseudoniemen: Reb

Reeks + Strip (jaar volgorde) Jaar   
Excalibur (Marvel) 77 Lowest Common Denominator 1994
The Inhumans: The Great Refuge 1 The Inhumans: The Great Refuge 1995
Over The Edge 1 ...And Fear Will Follow! 1995
Over The Edge 2 The Seventh Dagger 1995
Peter Parker, de spektakulaire Spiderman 150 Maximum Clonage: Finale 1995
Iron Fist A1 The Descent 1996
Iron Fist A2 The Ascension 1996
Over The Edge 4 The Jokers Wild 1996
Over The Edge 6 Of Kings...And Bright, Shiny Things... 1996
Over The Edge 9 The Killing Time 1996