Barbara J. Randall

Reeks + Strip Rang / Score
Aliens: Hive INT 1 Hive 6.50
Aliens: Hive 1 Hive #1
Aliens: Hive 2 Hive #2
Aliens: Hive 3 Hive #3
Aliens: Hive 4 Hive #4
Batman 401 A Bird in the Hand ...
Booster Gold 8 Time Bridge, Part 1
Booster Gold 9 Time Bridge, Part 2
Booster Gold 10 Death Grip of the 1000
Booster Gold 11 When Glass Houses Shatter
Booster Gold 12 War
Booster Gold 13 The Tomorrow Run
Booster Gold 14 A Future Lost
Booster Gold 15 Runback
Booster Gold 16 Fresh Start
Booster Gold 17 Dream of Terror
Booster Gold 18 Showdown
Booster Gold 19 Revenge of the Rainbow Raider
Booster Gold 20 The Colors of Justice
Booster Gold 21 Invasion from Dimension X
Booster Gold 22 Tortured Options
Booster Gold 23 Blind Obsession
Booster Gold 24 Betrayal
Booster Gold 25 The End
Deadshot: Beginnings 1 Deadshot: Beginnings
The Demon A1 Direction from the Darkness
The Demon A2 Descension from Below
The Demon A3 So Made He in His Likeness
The Demon A4 Begins Our Tale of Woe
Detective Comics 518 The Millionaire Contract
The Fury of Firestorm 54 Rock N' Roll Fantasy
The Fury of Firestorm 55 The Stench Of Brimstone
The Fury of Firestorm 56 Firestorm No More
The Fury of Firestorm 57 Due Monday
The Fury of Firestorm 58 Gambit
The Fury of Firestorm 59 Glass Houses
The Fury of Firestorm 60 Secret Origins
The Fury of Firestorm 62 To Regain Tomorrow
The Fury of Firestorm 64 Through the Gauntlet
Peacemaker (DC Comics) 1 A Breach of the Peace!
Peacemaker (DC Comics) 2 The Wages of Tzin
Peacemaker (DC Comics) 3 The Winds of War
Peacemaker (DC Comics) 4 Peace of War