Kyle Andrukiewicz

Reeks + Strip (strip alfabetisch) Functie(s)   
Archer & Armstrong A22 American Wasteland, Part 3: King of Kings Editor
Archer & Armstrong INT A6 American Wasteland Editor
Archer & Armstrong INT A A2 Volume 2 Editor
Archer & Armstrong: The Complete Classic Omnibus 1 The Complete Classic Omnibus Editor
Armor Hunters: Harbinger 2 Issue #2 Editor
Armor Hunters: Harbinger 3 Issue #3 Editor
Armor Hunters: Harbinger INT 1 Armor Hunters: Harbinger Editor
Batman and Robin A23.4 Blood in the Water Editor
Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell 1 Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell Editor
The Delinquents 1 Issue #1 Editor
The Delinquents 3 Issue #3 Editor
The Delinquents 4 Issue #4 Editor
The Delinquents INT 1 The Delinquents Editor
Demon Knights 20 The Stone Door Editor
Detective Comics A23.1 The Green Kingdom Editor
Divinity 1 Book One Editor
Divinity 2 Book Two Editor
Divinity 3 Book Three Editor
Divinity 4 Book Four Editor
Divinity INT 1 Divinity Editor
Divinity A1 Issue #1 Editor
Divinity A2 Issue #2 Editor
Divinity A3 Issue #3 Editor
Divinity A4 Issue #4 Editor
Divinity INT A2 Divinity II Editor
Harbinger INT A5 Death of a Renegade Editor
Harbinger INT A A2 Volume 2 Editor
Harbinger: Faith 0 Issue #0 Editor
Harbinger: Omegas 1 Invisible Men Editor
Harbinger: Omegas 2 Harada vs. The World Editor
Harbinger: Omegas 3 Foundation Editor
Harbinger: Omegas INT 6 Omegas Editor
Imperium (Valiant) 13 Stormbreak, Part 1: World without Secrets Editor
Imperium (Valiant) 14 Stormbreak, Part 2: Transformative Knowledge Editor
Imperium (Valiant) 15 Stormbreak, Part 3: It Gets Real Editor
Imperium (Valiant) 16 Stormbreak, Part 4: All Love Lost Editor
Imperium (Valiant) INT 1 Collecting Monsters Editor
Imperium (Valiant) INT 2 Broken Angels Editor
Imperium (Valiant) INT 4 Stormbreak Editor
The New 52: Futures End 0 FCBD Special Edition #0 Editor
Star-Spangled War Stories A1 G.I. Zombie Editor
Unity A10 Issue #10 Editor
Unity A12 Issue #12 Editor
Unity A13 Issue #13 Editor
Unity INT A4 The United Editor