Devin Lewis

Reeks (alfabetisch) Functie(s)   
100th Anniversary Special: Guardians of the Galaxy Editor
A Year of Marvels Editor
A-Force Presents Editor
All-New All-Different Marvel Point One Editor
All-New Captain America Editor
All-New Doop Editor
All-New Marvel Now! Point One Editor
The Amazing Spider-Man Editor
Amazing Spider-Man/Inhuman/Captain America: Inhuman Error Editor
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Editor
Avengers: No More Bullying Editor
Avengers: The Enemy Within Editor
Captain Marvel Editor
Captain Marvel and The Carol Corps Editor
Carnage Editor
Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man Editor
Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky Editor
Edge of Spider-Verse Editor
Elektra Editor
The Emerald City of Oz Editor
Free Comic Book Day 2016 (Captain America) Editor
Groot Editor
Guardians of the Galaxy Editor
Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men: The Black Vortex Editor
Hawkeye Editor
Hawkeye vs. Deadpool Editor
Infinity Editor
The Infinity Gauntlet Editor
Inhuman (Marvel) Editor
Inhumanity Editor
The Invincible Iron Man Editor
Marvel 100th Anniversary Editor
Marvel Knights X-Men Editor
Morbius: The Living Vampire Editor
Ms. Marvel Editor
The New Warriors Editor
Nova (Marvel) Editor
Original Sin Editor
Original Sins Editor
Oz Omnibus Editor
Revolutionary War Editor
Revolutionary War: Alpha Editor
Revolutionary War: Dark Angel Editor
Revolutionary War: Death's Head II Editor
Revolutionary War: Knights of Pendragon Editor
Revolutionary War: Motormouth Editor
Revolutionary War: Omega Editor
Revolutionary War: Super Soldiers Editor
Revolutionary War: Warheads Editor
Rocket Raccoon Editor
Scarlet Spiders Editor
Secret Wars 2099 Editor
Silk Editor
Spider-Gwen Editor
Spider-Island Editor
Spider-Man Editor
Spider-Man 2099 Editor
Spider-Man/Deadpool Editor
Spider-Verse Editor
Spider-Verse Team-Up Editor
Spider-Woman Editor
Spider-Women Alpha Editor
Spider-Women Omega Editor
Spidey Editor
Superior Carnage Editor
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up Editor
The Superior Spider-Man Editor
True Believers: Captain Marvel Editor
True Believers: Ms. Marvel Editor
True Believers: Silk Editor
True Believers: Spider-Gwen Editor
True Believers: Spider-Woman Editor
The Uncanny X-Men Editor
Uncanny X-Men/Iron Man/Nova: No End in Sight Editor
Venom Editor
Venomized Editor
Venomverse Editor
Web Warriors Editor