Liz Agraphiotis

Reeks + Strip Functie(s)
The Amazing Spider-Man 440 The Gathering of Five, Part 2: A Hot Time in the Old Town Lettering
The Amazing Spider-Man 441 Final Chapter, Part 1: And Who Shall Claim a Kingly Crown? Lettering
The Amazing Spider-Man A1 Where R U Spider-Man??? Lettering
The Amazing Spider-Man: Firsts 1 The Amazing Spider-Man: Firsts Lettering
The Books of Magic A41 Nothing Up My Sleeve Lettering
The Books of Magic A42 The Bridge Lettering
The Books of Magic A43 King of This Lettering
The Books of Magic A44 Slave of Heavens, Prologue: The End Lettering
The Books of Magic INT A6 The Burning Girl Lettering
The Books of Magic INT A7 Death After Death Lettering
The Books of Magic A Annual 2 Horn Lettering
Cherry's jubilee 3 Issue #3 Scenario
Contest of Champions II 3 Culling the Herd Lettering
Contest of Champions II INT 1 Contest Of Champions II Lettering
Daredevil 375 With A Little Help From My Friends Lettering
Daredevil 377 Flying Blind, Part 2 Lettering
Daredevil 378 Flying Blind, Part 3 Lettering
Daredevil 379 Flying Blind, Part 4 Lettering
Daredevil 380 Just One Good Story Lettering
Daredevil A1 Guardian Devil, Part 1: "...And a Child Shall Lead Them All. Lettering
Daredevil A2 Guardian Devil, Part 2: The Unexamined Life Lettering
Daredevil A3 Guardian Devil, Part 3: Dystopia Lettering
Daredevil A4 Guardian Devil, Part 4: The Devil's Distaff Lettering
Daredevil A6 Guardian Devil, Part 6: The Devil Divested Lettering
Daredevil A7 Guardian Devil, Part 7: The Devil's Demon Lettering
Daredevil A8 Guardian Devil, Part 8: The Devil's Deliverance Lettering
Daredevil INT A A1 Guardian Devil and Parts of a Hole Lettering
Daredevil Epic Collection 21 Widow's Kiss Lettering
Generation X 0.5 Pistolas Y Corazones Lettering
Generation X 34 Guilty Secrets Lettering
Generation X 35 Pool of Tears Lettering
Generation X 36 Strange Doings Lettering
Generation X 37 In Dark Woods, the Night Road Lost Lettering
Generation X 38 Mystery Train Lettering
Generation X 40 Pride & Penance! Lettering
Generation X 41 Chain Saw Massacre Lettering
Generation X 45 Lost & Found Lettering
Generation X 46 The Quality of Mercy Lettering
Generation X 53 Land of the Rising Sons, Part 1 Lettering
Generation X *S3 Holiday Special Lettering
The Invincible Iron Man by Kurt Busiek & Sean Chen 1 Omnibus Lettering
Peter Parker: Spider-Man 1 Issue #1 Lettering
Peter Parker: Spider-Man 11 An Exemplary Day! Lettering
The Sensational Spider-Man 32 The Gathering of Five, Part 1: Acquisitons Lettering
The Sensational Spider-Man 33 The Gathering of Five, Part 5 Lettering
Sovereign Seven 30 Dance of the Dead Lettering
The Spectacular Spider-Man 262 The Gathering of Five, Part 4: A Day in the Life Lettering
Spider-Man 73 Legacy Lettering
Spider-Man 74 Last Of The Heroes Lettering
Spider-Man 96 The Gathering of Five, Part 3 Lettering
Spider-Man 98 Final Chapter, Part 4 Lettering
Spider-Man: The Gathering of Five 1 The Gathering of Five Lettering
Spider-Woman B1 Spider Spider Lettering
Spider-Woman B3 Skin & Bones Lettering
Spider-Woman B4 A Rag, a Bone, and a Hank of Hair Lettering
Spider-Woman B5 Shadows & Light Lettering