Chris Rosa

Reeks Functie(s)
1 Americatown Editor
2 Black Market Editor
3 Broken World Editor
4 Burning Fields Editor
5 Burning Fields (Ankama) Editor
6 Clive Barker's Hellraiser Editor
7 Clive Barker's Hellraiser: Bestiary Editor
8 Clive Barker's Hellraiser: The Dark Watch Editor
9 Clive Barker's Hellraiser: The Road Below Editor
10 Clive Barker's Next Testament Editor
11 Curse Editor
12 Dead Letters Editor
13 The Empty Man Editor
14 Escape from New York Editor
15 Farscape Editor
16 Freelancers Editor
17 Garfield (Kaboom) Editor
18 Garfield 2016 Summer Special Editor
19 Garfield's Big Fat Hairy Adventure Editor
20 Garfield's Cheesy Holiday Special Editor
21 George PĂ©rez's Sirens Editor
22 Hexed Editor
23 Ladycastle Editor
24 Loki: Ragnarok and Roll Editor
25 Lucas Stand Editor
26 Plunder Editor
27 The Realist Editor
28 The Returning Editor
29 Rich Johnston's Captain American Idol Editor
30 Rich Johnston's Iron Muslim Editor
31 Rich Johnston's Scienthorlogy Editor
32 Rich Johnston's The Avengefuls Editor
33 Sisters of Sorrow Editor
34 Skybourne Editor
35 Steed and Mrs. Peel Editor
36 Steed and Mrs. Peel: We're Needed Editor
37 Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems Editor
38 Strange Attractors (Boom) Editor
39 Victor LaValle's Destroyer Editor
40 Welcome Back Editor
41 De zwarte dahlia Editor