Gold Key

Reeks Collectie(s)
1 Beatles: Yellow Submarine
2 Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery
3 Boris Karloff Thriller
4 Brothers of the Spear
5 Daniel Boone (Gold Key)
6 Doc Savage
7 Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom (Gold Key/Whitman)
8 Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan of the Apes
9 The Fantastic Voyages of Sindbad
10 Flipper
11 Gold Key Champion
12 The Green Hornet (Gold Key)
13 Grimm's Ghost Stories
14 Gunsmoke (Gold Key)
15 John Carter of Mars
16 Lancer
17 Land of the Giants
18 The Lone Ranger (Gold Key)
19 M.A.R.S. Patrol Total War
20 Magnus, Robot Fighter 4000 AD
21 Mighty Samson (Gold Key)
22 Popeye the Sailor (Gold Key)
23 Space Family Robinson (Gold Key)
24 Star Trek (Gold Key/Whitman)
25 The Time Tunnel
26 Total War
27 Turok, Son of Stone (Dell/Gold Key/Whitman)
28 The Twilight Zone (Gold Key)
29 De uil
30 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Gold Key)
31 The Wild, Wild West (Gold Key)