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David Cain

In de reeks Batman

567 Mark of Cain, Part 1
605 Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, Part 18
606 Death-Wish for Two, Part 1
607 Death-Wish for Two, Conclusion

In de reeks Batman: No Man's Land

INT 3 Volume Three
INT A2 Volume 2

In de reeks Batgirl Secret Files and Origins

1 Issue #1

In de reeks Batgirl

1 You Can Take Off the Blindfolds Now
3 Hard to Remember Now... How Tonight Started Out
5 The Righteous and the Profane...
6 You're Trying to Take Her Away from Me
9 He doesn't have to say a word...
11 First things first
22 Batman?
33 Father's Day
47 The Doll's House
50 Tough Love
62 The Hood, Part 3: Dead Weight
63 Could've Been, Part 1: Nowadays2005
64 Could've Been Part Two: Gone, Daddy, Gone
65 A Mother of a Father's Day
67 Destruction's Daughter, Part 2: Bird Calls
70 Destruction's Daughter, Conclusion: The Resurrection and the Life
71 Blood Matters, Part 1: Prey for Her
72 Blood Matters, Part 2: Turning Abel
INT 1 Silent Running
INT 2 A Knight Alone
INT 3 Death Wish
INT 5 Kicking assassins
INT 6 Destruction's Daughter
A1 Redemption Road, Part 1: Square One
A2 Redemption Road, Part 2: Trust is a Ghost
A3 Redemption Road, Part 3: Daughters
A4 Redemption Road, Part 4: Daddy Issues
A5 Redemption Road, Part 5: As My Father Made Me
A6 Redemption Road, Part 6: The Great Gray Dragon
INT A1 Redemption

In de reeks Batman: Gotham Knights

9 Transference, Part 2

In de reeks Robin (DC Comics)

A150 Robin, Boy Wanted, Part 3: Hard Answers
A151 Robin, Boy Wanted, Part 4: Harder Questions

In de reeks Batman by Ed Brubaker

2 Volume 2