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Tulip O'Hare

In de reeks Preacher (Téméraire)

1 Ballade au Texas
2 New York, New York!

In de reeks Preacher Special: Tall in the Saddle

1 Preacher Special: Tall in the Saddle

In de reeks Preacher

1 The Time of the Preacher
2 And Hell Followed With Him
3 And the Horse You Rode in On
4 Standing Tall
5 Say a Prayer for Seven Bullets
6 New York's Finest
7 N.Y.P.D. Blue
8 All in the Family
9 When the Story Began
10 How I Learned to Love the Lord
11 Pardners
12 Until the End of the World
13 Came a Pale Rider
14 Boys Will Be Boys
15 Crashing the Party
16 Judgment Night
17 Miracle Man
19 Of Things to Come
20 Too Much Gun
21 Stormbringers
27 Gunchicks
28 Rumors of War
29 Old Familiar Faces
30 Good Times Rolling
31 Underworld
32 Snakes in the Grass
33 Price of the Night
34 Once Upon a Time
35 You & Me Against the World
36 Come and Get It
37 The Shatterer of Worlds
38 Badlands
39 For All Mankind
40 Arsefaced World
49 First Contact
51 Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose
52 Even Hitgirls Get the Blues
54 I Built My Dreams Around You
55 Harbinger
57 Of the Irish in America
58 Dot the I's and Cross the T's
61 Alamo, Part 3: The Wonder of You
62 Alamo, Part 4: And Every Dog Has His Day
63 Alamo, Part 5: Jesse's Girl
64 Alamo, Part 6: If I Knew the Way I'd Go Back Home
65 Alamo, Part 7: Shoot Straight You Bastards
66 A Hell of a Vision

In de reeks Preacher (Panini)

1 Mort ou vif
2 Jusqu'à la fin du monde
3 Fiers Américains
5 Les enfants du sang
6 Guerre au soleil
7 Salvation
8 L'enfer vient avec lui
9 Alamo

In de reeks Vertigo: First Offenses

1 Vertigo: First Offenses

In de reeks Preacher (Urban Comics)

6 Livre 6

In de reeks Preacher (Lion)

1 Boek 1
2 Boek 2
3 Boek 3
4 Boek 4
5 Boek 5