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Scenario Kyle Baker
Tekeningen Kyle Baker
Kleuren Kyle Baker
Cover Kyle Baker
Editor Karen Berger
Uitgever(s) Vertigo


The might! The majesty! The mirth... of King David!
Kyle Baker, creator of such critically acclaimed favorites as 'Why I hate Saturn', You are here' and 'I die at midnight', breaks new artistic ground with his lavishly illustrated retelling of the majestic tale of a little sheep-herding squirt who would one day lead the mighty forces of Israel!

From the sun-scorched plains of ancient Judea came young David, a simple shepherd's son with a gift for music and a talent for handing out serious butt-kickings to his enemies!

Behold, in awe, as this upstart pipsqueek faces Goliath, the Gargantua of Gath, ina no-holds-barred fight to the death!
Thrill to the young phenom's rise to glory during decades of savage battle against the enemies of God's chosen people!
Wince as David subjects the Philistines to the world's first (and hopefully only) mass-bris!
Quiver at David's intrigue-filled attempts to stay one step ahead of jealous King Saul's assassins!
Gasp at David's treacherous lust for the beautiful Bathsheba, a women he shamelessly steals from one of his own soldiers!
Will our hero rise to the challenges that face he who wears the crown, or will absolute power corrupt him absolutely?

Violence! Intrigue! Polygamy! Mass circumcision! All this and more can be found in Eisner Award-winning artist Kyle Baker's irreverent - yet biblically accurate - epic graphic novel, KING DAVID!

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