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Bewerking Jamie S. Rich
Scenario Kou Fumizuki
Tekeningen Kou Fumizuki
Cover Kou Fumizuki
Lettering Vicente Rivera Jr.
Vertaling Alethea Nibley Athena Nibley
Editor Jake T. (Jack) Forbes
Uitgever(s) Tokyopop
Jaar 2004
Pagina's 224
ISBN 1591826470
Kaft Softcover
Taal Engels


Holidays like Christmas and Valentine's are that much more special when you're with someone you love. Lovebirds Kaoru and Aoi are discovering this for themselves as each holiday is a milestone in their blossoming relationship. With their engagement a secret, it's not always easy to find a romantic moment alone - especially with Aoi's watchful guardian and Kaoru's sexy roommates always nearby. But true blue love always finds a way!

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