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Bewerking Jamie S. Rich
Scenario Kou Fumizuki
Tekeningen Kou Fumizuki
Cover Kou Fumizuki
Lettering Vicente Rivera Jr.
Vertaling Alethea Nibley Athena Nibley
Editor Jake T. (Jack) Forbes
Uitgever(s) Tokyopop
Jaar 2004
Pagina's 208
ISBN 1591826489
Kaft Softcover
Taal Engels


When Kaoru runs into his childhood friend Mayu, who is home after her stay in jolly old England, she greets him with a big, wet European-style kiss! The longtime companions share an intense, intimate history together, which causes an upset Aoi to wonder if her fianc?e's brains are getting caught in his zipper. Filled with feelings of guilt, Kaoru sets out to do the right thing...but where does his heart lie?

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