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Bewerking Jamie S. Rich
Scenario Kou Fumizuki
Tekeningen Kou Fumizuki
Cover Kou Fumizuki
Lettering Patrick Tran
Vertaling Alethea Nibley Athena Nibley
Editor Rob Valois
Uitgever(s) Tokyopop
Jaar 2005
Pagina's 200
ISBN 1595323724
Kaft Softcover
Taal Engels


It's time for the flower viewing festival, and jealousy is in full bloom! When Tina receives a call from her parents, she decides to show Kaoru her favorite place in Japan. The sight of the two of them together makes Aoi sick - she wants to spend time alone with Kaoru, but he keeps getting pulled in different directions. Later, when the gang heads out to play tennis, Kaoru begins to learn new things about the girls...but it's nothing a good hot bath can't fix!

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