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Scenario Andrew Cheverton
Tekeningen Tim Keable
Cover Tim Keable
Lettering Andrew Cheverton
Uitgever(s) Angry Candy
Jaar 2014
Pagina's 128
Kaft Hardcover
Taal Engels
Oplage 100 exemplaren


A name heard in stories, breathed in whispers.
We've previously seen Jerusalem West as a lawman, a wanderer, and a bounty hunter.
But now, with a chance encounter on a civil war battleground, we begin to see glimpses of the past which set the man on the path of destiny that will shape his future.
In stories ranging from the killing fields of the Civil War to the swamps of Louisiana, from New York City to the plains of Montana, the fingers of fate - and something darker and far, far older - begin to twist around Jerusalem West.
You think you know JERUSALEM WEST ... but you only know half the story.
"This is brilliantly told work, complex, inventive, playing with multiple genres to create a true saga. The non-linearity provides the unusual structure, throwing you off kilter slightly and making you piece it all together. There's much to enjoy here, and even more to be gleaned from multiple readings."
Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet.
Collecting all six issues of Volume II of the critically acclaimed series West, along with previously uncollected stories, covers, unused pages, concept art and sketches, in a limited edition hardcover volume.

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bevat de verhalen :
Distance - Tennessee 1862
Stray Bullets and Tall Tales - Idaho 1967
Confederate Dead - Louisiana 1969
Point West - Montana 1896
Autumn Dusk - New York 1901

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