Marvel Masterworks: The Invincible Iron Man

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Scenario Al Hartley Stan Lee Roy Thomas
Tekeningen Gene Colan Don Heck
Cover Jack Kirby
Uitgever(s) Marvel Comics
Jaar 2006
Pagina's 256
ISBN 078512067X
Kaft Hardcover
Taal Engels

Opmerking uitgave

(Regular dust jacket)

Opmerking inhoud

Tales of Suspense #66-83
Tales to Astonish #82

-If I fail, a world is lost!
-Where walk the villains!
-If a man be mad!
-If I must die, let it be with honor!
-Fight on! For a world is watching!
-What price victory?
-Hoorah for the conquering hero!
-My life for yours!
-If this guilt be mine...!
-The fury of... the Freak!
-Here lies hidden.. the unspeakable Ultimo!
-Ultimo lives!
-When fall the mighty!
-The power of Iron Man!
-The return of the Titanium Man!
-By force of arms!

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