Bob Kahan

Reeks + Strip Functie(s)
Batman INT 4 Ten Nights of the Beast Editor
Batman vs. Predator INT A1 Batman Versus Predator II: Bloodmatch Editor
Batman/Aliens INT 1 Batman / Aliens Editor
Batman: Knightfall 1 Broken Bat Editor
Batman: Knightfall 2 Who Rules the Night Editor
Batman: Knightfall 3 Knightsend Editor
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight INT 3 Prey Editor
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight INT 5 Faces Editor
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special INT 1 Batman: Haunted Knight Editor
Batman: The Long Halloween INT 1 Batman: The Long Halloween Editor
The Compleat Terminal City 1 The Compleat Terminal City Editor
Crisis on Infinite Earths INT 1 Crisis on Infinite Earths Editor
A Death Gallery 1 A Death Gallery Editor
Doom Patrol INT A1 Crawling from the Wreckage Editor
Hellblazer (Vertigo) INT 5 Dangerous Habits Editor
The Invisibles INT 1 Say You Want a Revolution Editor
The Invisibles INT A4 Bloody Hell in America Editor
The Invisibles INT C1 The Invisibles Omnibus Editor
Kingdom Come 1 Strange Visitor Editor
Kingdom Come 2 Truth And Justice Editor
Kingdom Come 3 Up In The Sky Editor
Kingdom Come 4 Never-Ending Battle Editor
Kingdom Come INT 1 Kingdom Come Editor
Lobo's Back INT 1 Lobo's Back's Back Editor
Mister Miracle INT 1 Jack Kirby's Mister Miracle Editor
Moonshadow INT A1 The Compleat Moonshadow Editor
Nightwing INT A1 A Knight in Bludhaven Editor
Preacher INT 1 Gone to Texas Editor
Preacher INT 2 Until the End of the World Editor
Preacher INT 3 Proud Americans Editor
Preacher INT 4 Ancient History Editor
Preacher INT 5 Dixie Fried Editor
The Sandman (Gaiman) INT 2 The Doll's House Editor
The Sandman (Gaiman) INT 3 Dream Country Editor
The Sandman (Gaiman) INT 4 Season of Mists Editor
The Sandman (Gaiman) INT 6 Fables and Reflections Editor
The Sandman (Gaiman) INT 7 Brief Lives Editor
The Sandman (Gaiman) INT 10 The Wake Editor
Sovereign Seven INT 1 Sovereign Seven Editor
Starman INT A2 Night and Day Editor
Superman Adventures INT 1 Adventures of the Man of Steel Editor
Superman vs. Aliens INT 1 Superman vs. Aliens Editor
Superman/Batman: Alternate Histories 1 Superman/Batman: Alternate Histories Editor
Superman: The Wedding Album INT 1 Superman: The Wedding & Beyond Editor
Swamp Thing A21 The Anatomy Lesson Editor
Swamp Thing A23 Another Green World Editor
Swamp Thing A24 Roots Editor
Swamp Thing A27 ...By Demons Driven! Editor
Terminal City INT 1 Terminal City Editor
Transmetropolitan INT 1 Back on the Street Editor
Transmetropolitan INT A1 Back on the Street Editor
Uncle Sam INT 1 Uncle Sam Editor
War of the Gods 2 The Holy Wars Editor
War of the Gods 3 Casualties of War Editor
War of the Gods 4 In The Beginning... There Was the End Editor