V for Vendetta

8.51/10 #138
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Scenario Alan Moore
Tekeningen David Lloyd
Inkting David Lloyd
Kleuren Siobhan Dodds
Lettering Steve Craddock Elitta Fell Jenny O'Connor
Editor K.C. Carlson
Uitgever(s) Vertigo


"Good evening London. It's nine o'clock and this is the voice of fate .... It is the Fifth of the Eleventh, Nineteen-Ninety-Seven...
The people of London are advised that the Brixton and Steartham areas are quarantine zones as of today. It is suggested that these areas be avoided for reasons of health and safety...
Police raided seventeen homes in the Birmingham area early thismorning, uncovering what is believed to be a major terrorist ring Twenty people, eight of them women, are currently in detention awaiting trial...
The weather will be fine until 12:07 A.M. when a shower will commence, lasting until 1:30 A.M. ...
Have a pleasant evening."

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