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Bewerking Jamie S. Rich
Scenario Kou Fumizuki
Tekeningen Kou Fumizuki
Cover Kou Fumizuki
Lettering Dieda Terriquez
Vertaling Alethea Nibley Athena Nibley
Editor Rob Valois
Uitgever(s) Tokyopop
Jaar 2006
Pagina's 194
ISBN 1598162012
Kaft Softcover
Taal Engels


As their date continues, Tina asks Kaoru to snap some pictures of her-- the fotoshoot turns into a walk down memory lane, as Tina recounts a story about a guy she like but avoided because she was afraid of him hating her. But when she reveals who the mystery man is, will it be enough to win Kaoru's heart? Aoi has a little secret to share with Kaoru, too. Can Kaoru handle it all?!

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