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Scenario Rod Espinosa
Tekeningen Rod Espinosa
Cover Rod Espinosa
Editor Jochen Weltjens
Uitgever(s) Antarctic Press
Jaar 2004
Pagina's 162
ISBN 1932453458
Kaft Softcover
Taal Engels


Are you ready to rumble?!
This isn't your typical catfight!

Rod Espinosa (creator of The Courageous Princess and Neotopia) brings you the Expert Mech Girl, Super Mighty Girl, Powerful Priestess, Nerdy Gadgeteer and Seductive Temptress, all heroines from different backgrounds gathered together by a legendary Warrior Goddess to live in her strange mansion and to fight evil wherever it may be.

The United Empires Government (UEG) is comprised of 165 member galaxies. It rules in an era of relative peace... but in the distance, old threats arise...

Yunna used to be one of the best child mech pilots in the universe. She was replaced by the UEG with faster android pilots. Her future was bleak until she received a letter from Sasa Rai, a powerful warrior living on the edge of the universe on the planet Arlan, inviting her to join the Battle Girlz.

No sooner has Yunna set foot on Arlan when she and her reception party are ambushed by Crolack Jr., a long time enemy of the Goddess, Sasa Rai. Little does the young mech pilot reaize that she's entered into a whole new frontier. It's the edge of the universe out on Arlan, and enemy alien attacks are very, very common here!

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